Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The rules of liberals: Never talk politics

Do you have any liberal friends or relatives who demand that you don’t talk “politics?”  I have several liberal friends and a liberal close relative who have requested my silence.  Except for the rare time they are in the mood, they have declared that the discussion of politics is strictly off limits.

And the strange thing is, their definition of politics is all-encompassing.  Their broad definition includes economics, taxation, national debt, moral issues such as abortion and gay marriage, lapses in etiquette of elected officials, national defense, terrorism, and Islam. In other words, anything they feel uncomfortable discussing is labeled “politics” and prohibited from discussion.

This behavior is similar among Muslims.  Any fact or truth expressed about Islam is called Islamophobia, fear-mongering, and bigoted and is declared off-limits by those not wanting to hear the truth about Islam.

This behavior among liberals and leftists is confirmation of their ignorance of the most important issues facing our existence.  Their comfort zone is encompassed by daytime TV, travel, the greatness of other cultures (certainly not ours), perverse human behavior, and neighborhood gossip.  They tend to be devoid of any substance when it comes to governance, public policy, and who we should elect to or replace from public office.  Yeah, that kind of ignorance will go a long way toward good government.  Well, not really.  That ignorance enables corruption, nonfeasance, malfeasance, and out-of-control government.

Yes, libs.  Keep your head in the sand.  That is your right.  But those of us who believe these “political” discussions are important should not be silenced by those who choose to remain ignorant.

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