Monday, May 02, 2011

Lefty ladies on presidential elections…

On The View today, Barbara Walters and Joy Behar, the two ignorant liberal queens of inane daytime TV, exposed themselves for what they are.

Responding to the short-lived boost in popularity Obama will enjoy after his “I”-laden speech announcing the CIA-Special Forces killing of Osama bin Laden,  Ba-bwa and Joy couldn’t resist their Obama-inspired leg tingle when they said:

Ba-bwa: “I’d hate to be a Republican running against Obama.”  Ba-Bwa, you would hate to be a Republican in ANY situation.

And Joy, in her spontaneous tizzy exclaimed: “Skip the next election!"  Oh, wouldn’t this full-mouthed, empty-brained non-thinker love THAT to happen – as would most on the left who thrive on belittling the will of middle America.  Who’s the one who recently said “elections shouldn’t matter as much as they do.” Oh yes.  The leftist queen of lunacy who didn’t like the outcome of last November’s election, Nancy Pelosi.

Well ladies.  Truth be told, there will be LOTS of Republicans running in the next election.  And they will all love it.  They will love the opportunity to represent America and her values, not the values of perverts and elitists.  And Joy – skip the next election and miss all the fun?  For the record, Nancy and you other leftist ladies: Elections are important!  And this next election will matter a whole lot more than you would care to experience in your worst nightmare.

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