Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Qur’an burning - Osama killing: Fearing reaction

Book burning or leader killing.  Which is likely to incite more?

Burning a book of a hostile ideology or killing a leader of a hostile ideology.  Which is likely to incite more?

Burning a book of a hostile ideology prompts all sorts of wrath from our media and political leaders. That act is a cultural taboo.  But killing a leader of a hostile ideology brings praise and celebration.

Why is the one condemned and the other celebrated?

There are dangerous misconceptions about both.

First, it is erroneously promoted that the Qur’an is the “holy book” of a “religion of peace”, in the same league as the Hoy Bible.  In fact, the Qur’an is quite the opposite of the Bible.  It serves as inspiration and justification for the deception, hatred, and terror practiced by Muslim activists, and its’ violent intolerance is revered by Muslims who are not so active.  One does not have to be al Qaeda to embrace the violent doctrines of the Qur’an.

Second, it is erroneously promoted that Osama was the leader of an illegitimate faction of Islam.  In fact, he was the spiritual, ideological leader of historic, orthodox Islam in the manner taught by Muhammad and documented in the Qur’an.   Muslims the world over have revered this Muslim leader.  Yet our leaders deny his “Islamism” and influence.  How many Muslim nations celebrated Osama’s demise?  How many thousands in Islamic nations will rise in rabid protest against his killing?  Many are still in denial that he has been killed.  When they awake from their disbelief, we will witness their psychotic rage.   And ponder this:  If Osama was not truly representative of Islam, why was he given Islamic burial rites by a Muslim aboard the Carl Vinson - a slap in the face of the families who suffered as a result of that God-forsaken creature - before shoving him off to sea?

Contrast our nation’s security response to Qur’an burnings.  None that I am aware of.  To the Killing of Osama?  We are on high alert with a rare world wide travel advisory issued.  Does that indicate that Osama was not recognized as a significant Muslim leader in the world?

Our government’s propaganda is wrong on both counts:  Wrong on the portrayal of the Qur’an as just another benign “holy” book.  And wrong about Osama as just another fringe radical having nothing to do with Islam.  What bull!

Oh, and by the way, whether we burn Qur’ans or not, whether we kill revered Islamic leaders or not, whether we draw cartoons of Muhammad or not, whether we insult Islam or not, the devout among Muslims will hate us and wish to kill us anyway.  So let’s not sweat telling the truth and doing the right thing to inform one another and defend our culture and our nation.

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