Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our electorate: How hopeless is it?

I don’t blame Obama so much for where this nation is headed as I do the ignorant or self-serving electorate who voted for him.

The conservatives of this nation, the Tea Party, the libertarians, the Constitutionalists; all are energized to make a difference in the next presidential election.  But will they make a difference?

I see two problems facing us. 

One, will we be united enough to form a solid block behind one candidate who can win?

Two, are there enough of us so that even if we did form a solid block, we would win?

I have my doubts about number Two (are there enough of “us”) because of the following facts:

16% of all voting electorate work for local, state, or federal government.  They have a vested interest in perpetuating or expanding government.  Assuming voting family members are sympathetic, that would mean roughly 32% of the electorate would support bigger government, or at least be opposed to cuts in government jobs.  Check out the video supporting these figures at Government Gone Wild HERE.

But that is just the tip of the special interest electorate iceberg.  We need to also consider the voting block comprised of those who are dependent on government entitlement and welfare programs for their support system:

  • 50 million Medicaid
  • 40 million food stamps
  • 10 million unemployment insurance
  • 4.4 million on other forms of welfare
  • Housing assistance highest in index history

Sources:  HERE, HERE and HERE

Toss in the non-government workers who are not receiving government assistance but who nonetheless have an ideological bias toward communism, socialism, social justice, Islam, or bleeding heart-ism (college students, environmentalists, liberal Christians and Jews, and most under 30) and you can add another several million to the electorate who will vote for communists, socialists, and other big government advocates.  And then there are those who will vote strictly based on race, as over 95% of the blacks did in 2008.  Race trumped any latent conservative tendencies among blacks.  And finally we have the dead, illegal, and incarcerated voters who have little chance of casting an credible or intelligent ballot.

With these pro-big government, pro-socialist, pro-government entitlement components of our electorate, have we exceeded the 50% tipping point yet?  It appears we have.

We have reached the point where our electorate no longer has a symbiotic relationship with our nation, but a parasitic relationship:  sucking the resources out of the host until it dies.  That certainly results in chaos for the parasites!

Beyond this next election, and maybe even in our next election, I have little hope for the vote to go in the direction of reversing this parasitic trend.

So, if any of this is true, what do we do with this prospect?  Do we continue to do what we have always done?  Do we all become political activists?  Do we adapt or perish?  Just go with the flow?  Those in their sixties and beyond won’t be personally subject to much of this transformation.  Their children and grandchildren, on the other hand, will.  But they still have a choice.   They will either learn the errors of their political ways and help change what appears to be an inevitable outcome, or they will reap what they sow.  And that reaping will bear no relationship to the freedoms and opportunities their grandfathers had.  There may be equality in all things: educational attainment, jobs, incomes, health care, housing and possessions.  But those equalities will all sink to the lowest common denominator of mediocrity, with little place for dreams, aspirations, enthusiasm, or motivation.

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