Thursday, August 02, 2012

Obama’s Islamism tips scales in the Middle East

Are we at all surprised that Obama is supporting the “opposition” in Syria?  Is anyone concerned that this will turn out just like Egypt, with the result being much worse for US interests than the status quo?  Do we not yet “get it” that Middle East uprisings aren’t comprised of little George Washingtons  fighting for liberty.  They are comprised of little Osama Bin Ladens fighting for Islamism and Sharia and the annihilation of Israel.

Before Obama was elected president there was a delicate balance of power in the Middle East based on decades of prior US policy. Now, with Obama's undeniable, overt pro-Islamist presence, he has used US intelligence, diplomatic, and military resources – and his own pro-Islamic persona - to upend that delicate balance in favor of Islamist (Brotherhood and Sharia) governance in opposition to US and Israel interests.

We have known for some time (I have known from the time I read  his book "Audacity of Hope" five years ago) that he was an Islamist.)   I wrote last month, HERE, that he supports the Brotherhood in Syria.  We all should know this from his action in assisting the ouster of the Egyptian president Mubarak who was much more of an ally than foe.

And THIS is the reason why his administration goes along with his Islamicism.  We are infiltrated up to our gills with sedition-minded Muslims in the Obama administration and it seems few of our leaders really care.

Obama’s middle name really should have tipped us off.  He wasn’t even a Trojan Horse.  He was a Trojan on the outside in full daylight  and we totally ignored it.  Obama is one hell of a seditious Islamist.  But, as I said before, our nation is getting what it deserves for its gullible and lazy ignorance.

HERE is more from one who is more expert on these matters than I, Robert Spencer.

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