Monday, August 27, 2012

Tea Party Questions: Two folks who don’t get it

From the “there IS such a thing as a dumb question” department…

Mat Staver, the Dean of the Liberty University School of Law and  founder of Liberty Counsel, was the guest speaker at the local Tea Party meeting.  Mat‘s specialty is representing the Christian foundation of the United States, and naturally, confirms and promotes the idea that our nation could not long endure without the moral foundation enabled by our Judeo-Christian roots.

Mat gave a great presentation on the road to ruin our anti-American, socialist, Christian-loathing president is leading us down.  After his fine presentation, the floor was opened to questions from the audience.

Out of the dozen or so questions posed, here are the two that likely come from the two most out of touch people in the room (names changed to protect the guilty):

First, the “haven’t you been listening” question from Apos Tate: 

Mat.  Why does religion and Christianity have anything to do with this election?  Shouldn’t we stay focused on jobs and prosperity?

Mat’s answer:  You’re right,Apos, we should maintain that focus.

God’s answer:   No, Apos and Mat.  You are both mistaken.  Your country would not exist except for Me when your founders had the faith to base their new nation’s governing principles on My word.  Mat, you, especially ought to know better than to answer Sam’s question so carelessly.  Your entire organization, and the University you work for, stands for My principles that served as the basis for the founding of your nation.  You need to defend the grace that I shed on your country much more clearly, consistently, and forcefully.   You understand that there are growing numbers of apostates in your country that are disavowing and denying My influence.  As you have declared many times in other forums, I am on the verge of removing My grace from your country because of the lack of concern of the nation’s people, like Apos,  for my commandments.  Godly principles of governance have EVERYTHING to do with this election.  If your people continue on their immoral path, you will have nothing but dishonest crooks and perverts and Satanic Muslims running your country.  So stand up for the truth.  Defend My role in the good fortune your nation has enjoyed.  Make the connection between faith in Me and the goodness of your nation – especially in your politics and elections. 

And second, the “you’ve got things backwards” question from Dhim Mi: 

Mat, aren’t you concerned that there may be a second holocaust where the people of the United States turn on Muslims and murder them en masse?

Mat’s answer:  No, Dhim.  That is not the nature of this country.  Our legal system will not permit it.  But that doesn’t mean we need to ignore the nature of the Islamic threat to us and our way of life.

Yours truly’s answer:  You have got to be kidding, dumb ass.  The way our political leaders and media are so ignorant about Islam, Muslims are more likely to gain control and subjugate our sorry asses before we even wake up from our entertainment-obsessed, drug-induced stupor.  Dhim, are you, too, so ignorant of Islam that you don’t know that they are the ones who will subject you and the rest of us to a holocaust way before we discover what’s going on?  Hey Dhim, look up the word Dhimmi!

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