Friday, August 24, 2012

Another demonstration of Islamo-ignorant US policy in Afghanistan

Our military's failure in Afghanistan is a consequence of the ignorance of our nation’s leaders about the true nature and motives of Islam.

Our role in Afghanistan borders on insanity.  We are equiping and training Islamists in this 100% Muslim nation to fight independently of US presence.  Fight what?  Fight whom?  They already know how to fight on their own.  They have already shot dozens of their US military trainers.  The other insanity is we are surprised.

The latest insanity was demonstrated by General John R. Allen who, according to the Associated Press, stated that “while the reasons for the killings are not fully understood…the burden of fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan combined with the summer heat may have prompted more Afghan soldiers and police to turn their guns on their American partners.”

This misguided, excuse-making, Islamo-ignorant General is ignoring the history of Islamic hatred toward the West and concluding that it is the heat and self-imposed hunger that causes them to kill.

This means that we better be on high alert this hot summer for people in the vicinity of Weight Watcher weigh-ins.  Or wary of Mormon missionaries in the steamy south on fast Sundays.

This general has to be awarded the Dumbest Excuse of the Month (DEM) award.  The sad part is 1) He is a US Marine General, 2) He is leading our forces in Afghanistan, 3) He represents US policy and understanding of our enemy in Afghanistan.   How many ways can I state how pathetic and sad and disheartening this stupidity is?

Excellent commentator and author Diana West agrees in THIS essay.  She is right.  He ought to be fired.  Except there is no grown up in this administration to do it.

HERE  is a list of 7 reason why General McChrystal, Allen’s predecessor, should have been fired back in 2009.  Allen is a clone – or is it “clown.”

HERE is the guide that instructs US troops in Afghanistan how to be dhimmis if attacked.  It advises “be polite, respectful and don’t offend.”

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