Monday, August 06, 2012

Neil Boortz and Jamie Dupree: 2 jokes on us

From the Department of Moral Equivalence*…

I inadvertently tuned into the Neil Boortz show today because he is on the same station Rush Limbaugh is on.  Neil’s  shtick is his attempt to make outrageous and morally offensive comments based on his libertarianism without being fined by the FCC or losing stations.  Conservatives, especially social conservatives, might mistake Boortz as an ideological ally.  He is anything but.

His sidekick, Washington insider reporter Jamie Dupree is the perfect Boortz straight man. 

Here’s the thing.    Dupree was discussing his career as a reporter in DC and, especially, how “objective” and “neutral” he can be so that he can retain access to provide the Washington goings on through the media. 

One comment Dupree made was particularly disarming and exhibited his self-perception of supreme superiority over the biased masses.  He declared words to the effect of:  “Yes, I’ve been able to retain my neutrality on Washington politics, siding neither with the left nor the right, while those who consume the news, the general public, are the ones full of their political biases.”

He continued, “I even had someone accuse me of practicing moral equivalency.”   Nooooooo!  Tell me it ain’t so, Dupree!

Hey, that “someone” could have been me HERE.

Boortz quickly came to his defense with “You don’t believe that’s true, do you?”  Jamie: “Of course not.”

If Dupree doesn’t practice moral equivalency, I don’t write blogs.

Point one:  Anyone who believes they are “neutral” in their view and depiction of political events is a fool and is self-deceived.  We all have our biases.

Point two:  Anyone who believes they are “neutral” and its only other people who are biased one way or the other believe themselves to be morally superior (even though they disavow the concept of morality) to all others and exaggerate their self importance.  Psychopaths often exhibit this trait.

There is no “truth” for Dupree because “truth” is just someone’s opinion.  And everyone has an opinion and each opinion is valid to someone.   There is no truth worth proclaiming rises above the noise of anyone’s opinion in the world of Dupree.  Yes, Jamie, that is “moral equivalence.”

Boortz and Dupree:  Portraying the perfect examples of “moral equivalence”, aka “amorality.”  That is also the essence of extreme libertarianism.


Also known as “moral relativity or relativism”:  Denial of the existence of any absolute truth or rejection of the idea of a “best” position, answer or solution on any subject or topic.  Everyone’s opinion is as good as another’s.

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