Monday, August 13, 2012

Obama proudly points to Jefferson’s Qur’an…

During the recent Iftar dinner celebrating the end of the Ramadan fast, Obama displayed Thomas Jefferson’s Qur’an, as if to suggest that Jefferson was a Muslim sympathizer too.

Hey, even I own a Qur’an.  And I am anything but a sympathizer.  In fact, I think that Islam is a spawn of Satan, an evil that rivals Fascism and Charles Manson and the Face Eater rolled into one – except perhaps a bit more deceptive and clever and backed up by obedience to a perceived god, Allah.

The truth is, Jefferson probably felt the same way after he read the Qur’an and gained more of an understanding of the Islamic ideology than most in Washington today.

What was Jefferson’s purpose in owning a Qur’an?  Here is the rest of the story from Atlas Shrugs:

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