Monday, August 27, 2012

Afghan population rife with those who behead dancers…

…from the “we still don’t get it” department

17 Afghans were beheaded at a party – for dancingAfghanistan is heavily populated by Muslims who take Muhammad seriously, aka devout, orthodox, practicing Muslims.  These are what our media refer to as “radicals” and “terrorists.”  But in reality, they are merely devout followers of Islam.  Hey, any of you  Christian-bashing atheists out there – DO NOT equate devout Muslims with devout Christians.  Devout Christians typically become monks, are busy in food pantries, rebuilding communities in third world countries or praying all the time.  No no no.  Don’t pull that ignorant bull crap.  You will absolutely show your biased ignorance.

Orthodox Islam is the majority ideology throughout Afghanistan.

Oh, and as an afterthought, not that anyone really cares, 2 more US soldiers were killed by what the media labels a “rogue” Afghan solder.  Rogue?  I really doubt it.  It is "the way they are” coming out of the closet.  Hey, if it is therapeutic for suppressed homosexual behavior to come out of the closet, why not suppressed Muslim behavior?  I suspect most of the Afghan military would like to do the same.

So, let’s take a look at what rights we are defending here.  The folks we are attempting to assist behead their fellow countrymen for dancing.  And the soldiers we are training kill their US trainers – several dozen at this point.  Do you see anything wrong with this picture?  Do you sense any kind of cultural disconnect here?  This huge disconnect between our suppressed military and the absolutely vile Islamic culture is documented in THIS article by Diana West.

Following are the possible solutions to this.  You pick the one you find most inspiring:

- Nuke all of Afghanistan.  This would be effective in the short run, but the US would be condemned for centuries.

- Send in 50,000 shrinks to psychoanalyze the Afghan military and the Taliban – actually, the entire Muslim Afghan population.  The problem with this is most of the shrinks we send in would likely be Muslim sympathizers and join them in massacring our soldiers or would simply urge them to feel good about themselves.

- Implement another surge to show them we really mean business this time.  But this time don’t tell them we’ll pull out in six months.  Keep them there for the 500 years necessary to allow enough time for our reeducation and “nation-building” to take effect.

- Leave Afghanistan immediately, understand and accept the truth of the Muslim mindset and Islamic ideology, and bolster our borders and national security capabilities.

If none of these options appeal to you, let’s hear your suggestions.  Oh, I hear the progressive mantra now:  Embrace diversity, respect everyone, cultural diversity is the answer.  Note that in the 60’s the hippies had to be on drugs to motivate their “flower power” and “all we need is love” beliefs.  Those who embrace diversity and all the rest of the Pollyanna BS are likely on drugs, too.



TruthSeeKer_UK said...

For sure they have some issues in their culture but show me a country that doesn't - Iceland?

And what with all the greedy empirical invasions of their homeland you can't really fault them for wanting to fight the fat stupid yanks .

Only an American would invade a country , rape their dignity, resources and women and then have the cheek to criticize their culture.

Gerardo Moochie said...

So, TS, a culture that beheads dancers is ok with you and not worthy of criticism? Yet you find it within you to criticize my modest post? You and I both have a right to criticize barbaric behavior, especially when their people spread their "joy" to my homeland. Or to yours, which they are in the process of doing - or are you one of "them?" Comparing with Iceland? You gotta be kidding. A Brit with a fancy for barbarism. How unique.