Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan as VP: Preliminary thoughts…

After an hour or two for the news of Ryan’s selection as VP to digest, here are my initial thoughts:

1.  I am pleasantly surprised because the selection was NOT one of the top 3 who I thought were too bland, too inexperienced or too moderate.

2.  The ticket now has 1 Mormon and 1 Catholic – an interesting combination.

3.  The “media” and the left will demean, marginalize, and criticize whoever Romney picked, even if it was God; ESPECIALLY if it was God.

4.  The focus on this country’s material need at the moment is the economy.  Ryan is the best pick to address and focus on this need.

5.  Ryan is not well known for ANY position on Islam or on foreign policy.  This is something to watch and may be a weakness in the ticket.  But compared to those currently in power, it is not relevant.

6.  I don’t know how faithful of a Catholic Ryan will be:  One who says “I am personally against abortion; but hey, if that’s what the people want I’ll support it” or one who says” “I am personally against abortion, that is against all morality and human decency and I will do everything I can to defund it and marginalize it.  Romney is already caving on the Homo issue.  Will Ryan follow?  I don’t know.

7.  Ryan will help solidify the conservative base, and he will attract thinking independents.

8.  Neither candidate is aware of the fact that this nation’s problems are part of a larger spiritual battle.  Politics and national policy may ultimately have the effect of spitting into the wind unless a Godly spiritual renewal overtakes the current momentum toward amorality and faithlessness.

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