Monday, August 06, 2012

Illegal to finish raw materials in US

Another way to screw the American worker…

Gibson Guitars was fined $300,000 because it imported raw materials from India to enable workmen in the US to craft the materials into finger boards here.  No violation would have existed if Gibson contracted with overseas workers to finish the material, IN INDIA and THEN import the finished product.

This is one screwed up piece of legislation and a prime example of how our over-reaching environmental policies are strangling our economy.  And this is an environmental policy that does not even address the environment in the US.  It allegedly protects the environment in foreign countries – that is, unless foreign workers also finish the product over there.  Then it apparently doesn’t matter.

My informed opinion is that if the Justice Department proposed this enforcement in a Romney administration, such enforcement would have never occurred and legislation would have been introduced to eliminate that job killing piece of United Nations inspired one-world legislation.

Since when are we beholden to other nation’s environmental/job promoting policies at the expense of workers in the US?

HERE is the complete story.

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