Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Karzai to the rescue? And pigs can fly.

This story is from the Department of Wishful Thinking, aka “desperate days are here again.”

Here is the headline:

US Military Chief’s Plane Hit by Afghan Militants at Air Base

And here is the heart of the story:

Gen. Dempsey placed a telephone call to Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai Tuesday morning before leaving Afghanistan to reiterate US concerns about the spate of insider attacks on US and NATO troops, urging Karzai to do more to prevent such attacks. 

The words of this story shine a bright light on our problems not only in Afghanistan, but our problem of failing to acknowledge the identity of our enemy.

Find the Muslim.  I don’t see any.  Do you?

First, the politically correct headline.  US plane hit by whom?  “Afghan militants?”  It might as well have read “Plane hit by humans” for all its imprecise, handwringing vagueness.  What American-hating ideology comprises 99.9% of Afghanistan’s population?  Exactly right:  “peace-loving” Muslims.  Afghanistan is an Islamic nation.  Why doesn’t the headline cut to the chase and say “militant Islamists?”  Oooooh, but to admit this might be construed as “hate speech.”  Hey, the odds that the rockets were fired by Iranian  or Sudanese Muslims are much greater than they were fired by Afghan Catholics.  “Muslims” is by far the most likely descriptor of who fired the rockets – but saying so is unacceptable, still.  This is problem one:  An ignorant and politically correct media.

Then we have problem two (this is rich):  Military leadership who is relying on an Islamist puppet (Karzai) to solve our Islamic problem that we fail to acknowledge.  I can hear the secure phone conversation between Obama and Dempsey:  “Hey, Dempsey, buddy!  Why don’t you give your pal Karzai over there a call and see if he can call off his dogs…err, wait, we Muslims don’t have dogs…have him call off his people so I don’t look quite so bad before my election.  Would you do that for me, man?”  And that is what Dempsey, good buddy, did.  He gave good ol’ Karzai a buzz to call off his folks.

The world of Islamo-ignorance – or taqiyya.

What do you think are the odds of anything happening from that call?  I’m figuring something equivalent to the odds of Islam suddenly becoming a religion of peace:   1 in 500050 – about the same odds as pigs flying.

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