Saturday, August 04, 2012

Chick Fil A, amorality, and “tolerance”…

What were the leaders of Chicago thinking? 

In the name of “tolerance” for the amoral demands of homosexuals, Chicago’s leaders became intolerant of a company (Chick Fil A) expressing their support for centuries-old traditional Biblical morality.  This behavior is not new among the liberal amoralists among us.  It has been building.  And  this demonstration of “the Chicago way” portends much more to come nationwide.

I am in the midst of reading a new book titled “The Intolerance of Tolerance” by D. A. Carson.  Carson defines two different versions of “tolerance”:  the old version and the new.

The “old” version:

If you disagree with my beliefs, you believe I still have  the right to them unencumbered by your actions or that of government.

The "”new”version:

If you disagree with my beliefs that conflict with your version of “tolerance”, you don’t believe I even have the right to have a different view.  I am subject to ridicule and persecution, and possibly legal sanction.  This is intolerance of tolerance.

What has changed over the last decade or two?  It is the belief that morality is no longer a value to be tolerated.  We must not ever say that anyone is “wrong.”  Tolerance has become a higher value than morality.  Tolerance now requires intolerance toward any value that claims moral absolutes.  What progressives do not tolerate any longer is traditional moral values.  Such values are considered “intolerant” and “bigoted.”  The highest “morality” now is “tolerance.”   This version of “tolerance” has become an “oxymoron.”

The “new tolerance” extends to domestic security threats as well.  Islam is a legitimate domestic security threat.  But those who express this legitimate concern as Michelle Bachmann recently has done is not tolerated.   See HERE.  Her informed opinion conflicts with the view of “tolerance” held by our current government leaders and most media.  So her views are castigated and marginalized.

The root of this twisted version of “tolerance” is the relatively recent view of our prevailing culture that truth is relative.  If there is no absolute truth, everything can be tolerated.  There is no room for intolerance of anything because everything is worthy of tolerance – everyone’s view of truth is equally valid and equally tolerated, except those who hold that there is absolute truth.

Those of us who are especially at risk in this new upside-down world are those Christians who hold to the truths of the Bible – especially Bible inerrancy.  Shame on us!  We interpret God at His word, as billions of souls have for over two thousand years.  Man, are we out of touch.

Or is it the other way around. 

The “Stand to Reason” website has a lot to say on this topic.

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