Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bachmann rightly concerned about national security threat of Muslim Brotherhood in our Federal Government

Others like Marco Rubio not so much…

Advisors in Obama’s Administration who have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (and he has a few) are a threat to the security of the United States. Anyone who knows anything about the Brotherhood and Islam ought to understand this.

Michelle Bachman has rightly urged the powers that be (who are often clueless about such matters) to initiate an inquiry into the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence in America. She was roundly condemned by the left and most media for having the audacity and insensitivity to write such a letter.

Criticism was was also blindly piled on by none other than the beloved Marco Rubio. See HERE. Speaking of “blindly”, Rubio is another example (beyond Obama) of how we are drawn to the style and rhetoric of an individual more than his policy substance. But that is for another blog.

Other conservative members of Congress have come to Bachmann’s defense as described by The Blaze HERE.

This all shows how ill-informed and divided our nation is about the truth of Islam and its front organizations. This shows how important it is for us to not only aggressively inform ourselves about Islam and the ignorant actions of our leaders toward it, but to aggressively inform others – our neighbors, educators, and leaders – about the insidious, deceptive, and supremacist nature of Islam.

The reality is that the ignorance of our leaders, the media, and our educators is a greater problem than Islam itself. We can defend against the enemy we know. We have little chance against the enemy we don’t know and refuse to know.

HERE is another good source of info on this topic.

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