Friday, July 27, 2012

Eat Mor Chikin…

What can I say, except I will be eating a lot more chicken at Chick Fil A over the next few weeks to show my support for being one of the few business that gives a damn.

Chicago leaders, Rahm Emmanuel and his  crony Alderman Joe Moreno are showing the worst of immorality-pandering political bigotry.  Their display of amorality is bad enough.  But to deny a permit to a business because of the moral beliefs of the business’s owner is something that is condemned by atheists and the ACLU.  THAT is saying something.

This Chicago-style bullshit is no surprise given that it is the home to one of the most immoral, corrupt city administrations in the nation, is the home of B. Hussein Obama, and houses the post-Christian, Muslim pandering, nation-hating racist church of Jeremiah Wright.

This is just the beginning of the morality-hating wave that will increasingly persecute Christians who hold to traditional Christian moral beliefs and standards.  I fully expect that Muslims will be treated better than traditional Christians under the laws of the land in the coming years.

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