Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Degrees of consciousness–when are we aware enough to act intelligently?

Too many of us are still in la la land.  And too few of us are aware, acting, or leading.  The fact that most Americans are in la la land, or lands very nearby, is a reason why our sustainable existence as a viable and prosperous nation is failing and currently in doubt.

Our spiritual degeneracy, our fiscal irresponsibility, and our gullibility about Islam are among our nation’s greatest threats.  Yet the majority of us are not aware and don’t care that they are not aware.  Our highest priority activities are entertainment (TV/movies), sports, cruises, and gossip.  Our personal god is “self” via self-absorption in trivia.  Our highest virtue is tolerance of just about anything because we really don’t have any significant personal values worth defending.

So, thinking about these things, I am going to take a stab at what proportion of the US population is in various stages of  “awareness” or “obliviousness” to the extent that they either don’t know and don’t care, all the way to the other extreme of being fully aware, informed, and actively engaged in warning others or finding solutions.  I will classify this on a continuum from zero to ten, with zero representing ignorance as in Zero in Beetle Bailey, and ten representing motivating action as in Bo Dereck of Ten.  Here goes:

0: The  10%  who are too ignorant or incapable of knowing or caring about anything beyond their next meal or drug induced stupor.

1-2:  The 15% who have the potential capacity to know or care, but who lack motivation to learn, not to mention understand what is going on.

3-4:  The 20% who have some motivation to learn what is going on to the extent that they are personally benefitted, but fail to expend enough personal energy to understand what is going on.

5-6:  The 30% who have a good idea what is going on and make some effort to understand what is going on, but fail to act on it beyond occasional grumbling.

7-8:  The 15% who know what is going on and understand the implications of it and gripe about it via emails, blogs and general conversation, but who fail to devote much of their time for constructive solutions.

9-10:  The 10% who are not only aware of the problems and understand their implications, but who are actively engaged in writing, organizing, motivating, and bringing along others to join in promoting and achieving constructive solutions.

These guesstimates are by no means based on any scientific surveys.  They are an elaboration of the well worn 80/20 rule of an organization where 80% benefit from the work of 20% of the members.

Running throughout most of theses categories, especially 1 through 6, are the folks who are only interested in how they will benefit in the short term especially through government assistance or entitlements at the expense of others. 

The middle categories of 5 through 8 are populated by those whose highest value is “tolerance.”  They are aware of the problems of our nation, and understand some of the implications, but fail to take meaningful action because they are so devoid of any solid value system or faith themselves that they accept any other set of values as OK, worthy of their uncritical tolerance.  This form of ignorance has fostered unabridged amorality, growth of acceptance and protections of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and related perverted behavious in our media, schools and society at large.  It has also led to our culture’s ignorant acceptance of Islam as “just like any other religion” when in fact it is a fascist, intolerant political ideology at its core that intends to transform our nation into subservient dhimmi’s or Islamic converts.

If you think this will never happen, read up on your European history, especially the first and second Jihad.  The third Jihad is in progress in a city near you.

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