Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Washington dishonesty about jihad and Islam highlighted by accomplished Middle East expert…

…and implications for our actions in Syria, Iran, Iraq and at home

Are you tired of our government and media constantly referring to Muslim attacks in the name of Islam as “lone wolves”, “work place violence”, “misrepresenting Islam” and “mental illness” that has nothing to do with Islam?  Me too.

It has been obvious to the average schmuck on the street for years:  An attack performed by one or more avowed Muslims yelling Allahu Akbar in the name of Islam is doing what Islam expects him to do.  I have been saying for years that Islam, the all-encompassing belief system that includes legal, military, political as well as religious components, has been the motivation for these attacks.  Yet Obama and increasingly purged military and security agencies persist in their attempts at deception regarding the cause of these attacks.

Today I came across analysis by Clare M. Lopez, an accomplished Middle East and Islamic expert.  Take a look at her impressive bio at the end of this blog and refer to THIS SITE for all of her insightful articles.

Ms Lopez urges us to quit using vague and useless terms like “terror” and “attacks” when we well know that the source of the attacks are jihad as motivated by purely Islamic doctrine.  Here is an excerpt of one of her articles, “Call it Jihad:”

To properly identify individual jihad attacks is to acknowledge that there is an established ideology behind them that derives its inspiration from Islamic doctrine, law, and scripture. To acknowledge that would mean the threat actually is existential, at a minimum in its objective: universal conquest and enforcement of shariah. Until and unless the entire American citizenry, federal bureaucracy, Intelligence Community, law enforcement, and the U.S. military understand that failing to acknowledge, confront, and defeat the forces of Islamic jihad and shariah indeed do endanger the very existence of our Republic as we know it, and mobilize to meet this challenge, the inexorable advance of shariah will continue. As Pipes notes with some understatement, the current "lack of clarity presents a significant public policy challenge."

Why have our military alliances with Muslims in the Middle East failed in just about every instance?  Could it be due to Islamic deception as to who they really support?

The answer is in another of Ms Lopez’ articles, “The Mosque:  Center of Religion, Politics and Dominance”, she  describes the reasons why attempts at “nation-building” and other attempts to civilize Middle East nations are a waste of time and lives, aka “futile.”

Deeply rooted in pre-Islamic tribal social structures, some of the most primitive of all human drives—to conquer and dominate by force—were brilliantly sacralized in Islamic doctrine. With assassination, banditry, genocide, hatred-of-other, polygamy, rape, pillage, and slavery all divinely sanctioned in scriptures believed to be revealed by Allah himself, the world is not likely to see an end to Islam's "bloody borders" or "bloody innards" any time soon. In the traditional Arab and Muslim system, there is just too much at stake for those who win, as well as those who lose. There is no such thing as a "win-win" concept in Islam.

As the title of the above article implies, Ms Lopez finds that the Mosque IS the center of planning and motivation for Islamic jihad of all types, including political, legal, social, and military (violent jihad.)  And not just the mosques of the Middle East.  It is foolish to assume that activities other than these are taking place in mosques in our own US.

Applying these truths about Islam to our efforts in the Middle East:

  • We must admit that Islam is informed by millennia of primitive human drives, including assassination, banditry, genocide, hatred, polygamy, rape, pillage and slavery.
  • All these primitive human drives are baked into Islamic doctrine.  They are normalized and sanctified.
  • We must admit that Middle East governments are driven primarily by Islamic culture, doctrine, and influence.
  • We must admit that Islamic doctrine is principally political.
  • We must admit that a significant tool of Islam is the doctrine of taqiyya (deceit, dissimulation) that makes the concept of treaties and agreements virtually meaningless.
  • We need to admit that it is a waste of resources to engage ourselves in favoring one side of Islam or another.  Both are equally striving for world domination.
  • We must relieve ourselves of entanglements in Middle Eastern affairs.  This requires us to become energy independent as a national priority on a level of urgency we had following the attack on Pearl Harbor
  • We must admit that we have had a poor track record of which Islamic groups we support and arm.  They turn out to be worthless to our interests.  The rebels we are supporting in Syria are no exception.
  • We must admit that Russia’s presence in Syria is a positive action.  It means we don’t need to waste our resources there. Russia understands better than we do that the Islamic culture requires an Assad or Hussein-type of leader to maintain order and avoid a power vacuum.

At home we need to apply these truths:

  • Admit that the Islamic belief system is the source and motivation of the great majority of our national security threats. 
  • We must stop treating Islam as a “religion”  and treat it for what it is:  A fascist, supremacist and often violent and oppressive belief system or ideology arguably more insidious and violent than Nazism or Communism.
  • We must end immigration of Muslims and the construction of new mosques.
  • We must monitor the activities within mosques as much as we monitored Nazi cells prior to and during WWII.
  • We must acknowledge that there may be Muslims who wish to identify as “Muslim” but who do not abide by the worst of Islamic doctrine.  But we must do this understanding that a key doctrine of Islam is “taqiyya” and thus the potential for deception on their part remains a problem.  We must ask ourselves, “Why would they want to continue to identify as “Muslim” knowing what the Islamic ideology demands of its adherents.

I encourage your reading of a few of Clare Lopez’ many articles on these topics HERE.


Clare M. Lopez


Clare M. Lopez is a strategic policy and intelligence expert with a focus on Middle East, national defense, WMD, and counterterrorism issues. Specific areas of expertise include Islam and Iran. Lopez began her career as an operations officer with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), serving domestically and abroad for 20 years in a variety of assignments, and acquiring extensive expertise in counterintelligence, counternarcotics, and counterproliferation issues with a career regional focus on the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. She has served in or visited over two dozen nations worldwide, and speaks several languages, including Spanish, Bulgarian, French, German, and Russian, and currently is studying Farsi.

Now a private consultant, Lopez also serves as Vice President of the non-profit forum, The Intelligence Summit, and is a Professor at the Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies (CI Centre), where she teaches courses on the Iranian Intelligence Services, and the expanding influence of Jihad and Sharia in Europe and the U.S. She is affiliated on a consultant basis with DoD contractors that provide clandestine operations training to military intelligence personnel. Lopez was Executive Director of the Iran Policy Committee, a Washington, DC think tank, from 2005-2006. She has served as a Senior Scientific Researcher at the Battelle Memorial Institute; a Senior Intelligence Analyst, Subject Matter Expert, and Program Manager at HawkEye Systems, LLC.; and previously produced Technical Threat Assessments for U.S. Embassies at the Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, where she worked as a Senior Intelligence Analyst for Chugach Systems Integration.

Lopez received a B.A. in Communications and French from Notre Dame College of Ohio (NDC) and an M.A. in International Relations from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. She completed Marine Corps Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Quantico, Virginia before declining a commission in order to join the CIA. Lopez is a member of the Board of Directors for the Institute of World Affairs and also serves on the Advisory Board for the Intelligence Analysis and Research program and as an occasional guest lecturer at her undergraduate alma mater, NDC. She has been a Visiting Researcher at Georgetown University and a guest lecturer on terrorism, national defense, international relations, and Iran there, at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, and the National Defense Intelligence College in Washington, D.C. Lopez is a regular contributor to print and broadcast media on subjects related to Iran, Islam, counterterrorism, and the Middle East and is the co-author of two published books on Iran.


Unknown said...

Probably the most cogent description of Islam that I've ever read.

Unknown said...

Probably the most cogent description of Islam that I've ever read.

Brother Michael said...

I wish we could get this word out to more Americans. It is broad insight into what surely will become increasingly the greatest threat to the civilization we now know and enjoy. It's not "conspiracy theory." It is fact-based prediction.