Monday, September 21, 2015

Muslim pandering and other destructive behaviors…

I was overwhelmed this past weekend by the outrage of the clueless media and politicians, both Democrat and Republican, and their attempts to repress the truth about Islam and what we know for a fact how Muslims are known behave.

How often have we been told “see something; say something” about suspicious behavior?  What would have happened if little Muslim Ahmed’s “clock” was what the school and police thought it might be and they did NOTHING.  It is not as if 14 year old Muslim boys are not known for being trained and encouraged to blow things up.  We all should know that by now.

But no, school officials and police are condemened for doing something when they saw something. 

By the way, what are the chances this whole thing was a set-up, like some airline incidents created by Muslims desiring to discredit those who say something.  Well, it may well have been a set-up.  One expert says little innocent Ahmed’s clock “invention” was nothing more than a disassembled manufactured clock made to look like a bomb timer.  HERE are details of that finding.   Yet this is worthy of an invitation to the White House. 

Is there a problem with any of this?  Nah.  Just because Ahmed’s dad’s main hobby is being a belligerant Muslim activist whose brother runs a trucking company called Twin Towers Transportation, what hidden agenda could they possibly have?  Besides, wasn’t the clock already invented by now?

Next we had the continued media railing against Trump for his appropriate response to the questioner about numerous Muslim training camps sprinkled around the country.  I wrote about that HERE.  Yes, children, we do indeed need to look into that.

And finally, we have the gnashing of Muslim-pandering blind eyeteeth about Ben Carson’s comment that Muslims are not fit to be President of the US.  He explained that Sharia (Islamic law) is part of Islamic doctrine believed by most Muslims.  He explained that Sharia requires legal actions – like beheadings and chopping off of hands for various offenses - that are totally at odds with the freedoms gauranteed by our Constitution.  Therefore, anyone who abides by the Islamic faith is unfit for national office.  Amen to that, Carson.

Carson has been criticized for lumping all Muslims in with those who would destroy our nation.   I shall repeat:  Muslim=Islam=Sharia=against our Constitution.  Simple.

Ted Cruz joined in the condemnation of Carson.  He chose to ignore the fact the Islam is not just a religion, but also a political, economic, social, and military ideology as he defended Islam under the Constitutional banner of being a “religion.”  That “religion” wants to abrogate Cruz’s constitution.

And Trump is still being excoriated for not stupidly assuming Obama is a Christian.  Rubio and others have their faith detectors on overdrive in pronouncing Obama’s “Christian faith”, much as Stephanopoulis did during his notorious Obama Muslim moment.

And no, this is not the moral equivalent of Catholic-bashing in the time of John Kennedy as some Muslim apologists like to portray.  Catholics were not known for beheadings since the 1,500’s and it has never been part of Catholic doctrine.  On the other hand (the one we would have left if we stole something under Sharia) there are dozens of beheadings a week under Sharia in numerous countries, and this practice is very much embedded deep into Islamic doctrine and culture.

So let’s stop the Muslim/Islam-pandering.  There is no moral equivalent in either Catholicism or the rest of Christianity to what is taught, promoted, and practiced by the majority of the Muslim population today.

Oh, yes, the “moderates” you say.  Yes, the “moderates” – the Muslims who are either practicing their doctrine of deception or who might really be benign apostate “in name only” Muslims - the “moderates” who may become tomorrow’s headline or the ones who root for, fund and politic for those who become tomorrow’s headline.  Yes, the “moderates” indeed.

I’ll close this blog by suggesting that those who understand the problem of Islam in this country do all they can to elect new leaders who understand the need to keep our Muslim population to its barest minimum.  Do not do the “bleeding heart” thing of bringing the Syrian Muslim refugees here.  We bear no responsibility and should bear no guilt when several very rich Muslim nations of the Middle East refuse to take in their own people.

It is far better that the migrating hoards be encouraged to improve conditions in their own nations rather than come here with their agenda to impose the same conditions that destroyed their nation.

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Brother Michael said...

You're right on. There is nothing I can add except, "There is nothing I can add."

Our country is experiencing an attempted hijack...and it will be consummated unless we wake up. Our leaders and future leader need to be awakened. We have a couple potential future leaders who understand but need to quit wincing at speaking up.

PS Am I the only one responding to these blogs? What? No guts?