Friday, September 04, 2015

Migration Jihad: The Islamic Hijra Against Europe and the United States

It’s happening at an increasing pace all over Europe – Muslim migrations through (mostly) open borders.  This is a tactic of Islam embedded throughout Islamic history.Related image  The first Hijra occurred when Muhammad’s small hoard relocated from Mecca to Medina where his military conquests and terrorist jihads began.  It’s been going on for over a decade throughout Europe and is picking up steam.  Britain, and Germany appear to be the most naively hospitable.  Other target nations are Italy, Spain, and France.

Migrants wait  at the Keleti Railway Station in Budapest, Hungary, Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015. Migrants are now allowed to enter the station but direct trains from Budapest to Western Europe are currently out of operation until further notice. (Zsolt Szigetvary/MTI via AP)

Thousands of Muslims pass through Hungary on their way to Germany.

While there may be some unknown percentage of truly persecuted and fearful migrants. at the same time there is most certainly some unknown percentage who are consciously practicing Islamic migration jihad.  Image result for islamic hijra migration jihad

There is evident of the establishment of a number of homegrown jihad terrorist camps around the United States.  Similar camps and cells have likely been established throughout Europe where Muslims have immigrated en masse.

The Hijra to America is described in great detail in THIS book by Ann Corcoran “Refugee Resettlement – and the Hijra to America.”   Ann provides a brief video description of the threat of Islamic Hija.

It’s interesting that when Ann Corcoran’s name is Googled, (try it HERE) many of the hits are from those who slander her and call her a racist and bigot including the Southern Policy Law Center and other progressive and Communist front groups.  This is all a part of the left’s partnership with Muslim leaders and their Islamic Hijra – migration jihad.

The Prime Minister of Hungary recognizes the threat from Islamic immigration during their “Ottoman Experience.”  His country suffered the humiliation of 150 years of Islamic occupation in the 1500’s resulting from a similar “refugee” invasion.  That has motivated his nation to carefully and forcefully protect their border and usher the Islamic migrants through their nation to more hospitable and likely foolish destinations like Germany and Britain.

This video describes his concern.

Pam Geller describes in greater detail what Hungary went through, HERE.

What can we do about this immigration jihad coming to America?  Ann Corcoran has some answers.  The Prime Minister of Hungary provides a good example.

But the “Proactive Award” goes to Australia and their immigration policy.

The apologists for unfettered immigration pull the “compassion” card with photos of overturned boats and dead bodies on the beach.  Australia’s policy exudes compassion by making it clear to ALL potential immigrants that if they arrive on Australia’s shores WITHOUT going through their immigration regimen, they will NOT be welcomed and will be sent home.  This policy results in very few if any attempts in the past few years of Muslim migration jihad (Hijra) coming from the Asian Islamic hotspots of Indonesian or southwest China.

Here is one of their public relations videos that drives this point home. 

Breitbart further explains Australia’s immigration policy HERE.

Here are two questions to ponder:

1) Why don’t the half dozen or so Muslim nations in the region commit to take in their fellow Muslim migrants?  What about Saudi Arabia, Eqypt, Qatar, Kuwait, United Emirates, Jordan, Turkey?  Most of those are very rich nations. 

2) Which US presidential candidate is most likely to implement a strong immigration policy like Australia’s?

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Brother Michael said...

This is scary stuff. To most U.S. citizens it sounds like scare tactics a/k/a "conspiracy theory." But obviously it has been reality for a long time and increasingly it will be our future if it is not stopped. We need the Australian approach. I don't know who of our potential future leaders would be the most effective, but I believe that if Trump were educated, he would be the most receptive to the cause and the most effective at instituting and enforcing a solution. Right now he's not totally involved in that area of foreign relations. That needs to change. The political types on the Republican roster will have a "same ol' same ol' approach that will be too little too late. We do need to promote a wake up call.