Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cuss words, political correctness, Washington Kool-Aid, the Papacy and why we do stupid things….

What do political correctness, Washington Kool-Aid, and the Vatican have in common?

Answer:  They all result in stupid outcomes.

I’ll start with the evolution of English cuss words.  The evolution of English cuss words bridge the gap between moral and political correctness.

For example, using the words God or Jesus in certain contexts is considered swearing – also known as using the Lord’s name in vane.

To overcome that problem, we have reverted to “gosh” or “gosh darn” or “golly gee.”

Certain sex acts used as cuss words are also common.  The “f” word is prominent among them.  To overcome that problem, many have reverted to words like “freakin’” or “friggin” to try to be more polite.

I once used the term “freakin’” in a blog and was called on it for being profane.  The bridge between “morally correct” and “politically correct” was crossed.  For me, it was a bridge too far.

I never got around to reminding my accuser of a hundred similar evolved terms that substitute for the original cuss words.  An oldie but goodie is “dag nabbit.”  You can guess what that stood for.  How bad is that considered to be nowadays?  HERE is a list of 140 of them for starters.  Most of us wouldn’t be able to effectively express ourselves at all if my censor had her way.  Blacklisting those terms is more “political correctness” than “moral correctness.”

Moving on to Washington DC Kool-Aid.  I have noticed in my writing blogs that it is easier to express my true opinions  to the anonymous world than it is saying the same things to a friend or neighbor who I think might disagree with me.  That’s a bit of the Stockholm Syndrome in action.  Closeness can even stifle political expression completely.  I have a friend who is commanded by his wife to totally chill on politics.  And he obeys.

Life in Washington DC is much the same way.  A candidate running for office has certain opinions that his local electorate ultimately relates to.  No problem.  Everyone is simpatico.  He gets himself elected.  When he gets to Washington, he finds a different fish pond than his electorate was in.  They have a totally different value system.  The newly elected is a fish out of water for awhile – until he has to jump into the big DC pond to survive.  Suddenly the elites, the liberals, the socialists, the progressives, the Communists, the Chamber of Commerce, Big Business lobbyists and others with other-worldly beliefs are all his close neighbors.  This new fish in this strange new pond needs to adjust, and quickly.  His Stockholm Syndrome kicks into overdrive.   Overdrive is his newfound urge to go along to get along.  Poof, there goes his former constituency.  “To hell with them – I’m with the big boys now,” he says.  He drank the Kool-Aid. a

Speaking of being isolated in a fully insulated pond like Washington DC, I bring you the Vatican – or more specifically, the Papacy.  Problem number one:  The current Pope is from a purely Socialist pond in South America.  Problem number two:  He is transferred to a totally insulted  and out of touch nation-state, the Vatican, half a world away. Is it any wonder why the Pope urges Catholics in Europe should take in Syrian migrants?  It doesn’t matter that the great majority are Muslim, that Islam promotes “migration jihad” and that some unknown number of them are known to be ISIS-related jihadists.

Is it any wonder  why the Pope supports the ill-conceived Iran nuke agreement on one hand and urges Israel to get rid of its nukes on the other?  It doesn’t matter that all of Israel’s neighbors hate Jews, are striving to eradicate Israel from the face of the planet as “Job #1”, and one of Israel’s neighbors is in the process of building nukes to accomplish that.  Pope out of touch, ya think?

The icing on the cake is the Pope’s visit to the White House to meet and interact with an invited transvestite, a gay Bishop, and a pro-abortion Nun.  Some say Obama, the divider in chief, did the inviting without knowledge of the Pope.  It doesn’t matter that these behaviors have been anathema to The Church for 2,000 years and pandering to these behaviors is likely to create a greater schism.  Pure Obama.

Yes indeed, political correctness does cause people to do stupid things.

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Brother Michael said...

You're right on target as far as I'm concerned.