Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Why the slogan “Support Your Local Police” doesn’t work in all places…

The John Birch Society has a wonderful bumper sticker:  “Support Your Local Police.”  I agree with that admonition.  Everyone I know in my small world supports it.  Support not only envisions support by the local population, but also encompasses the idea of police departments remaining independent of state and federal control.  As we’ve seen in several recent events, the “local” police are not trusted and have fallen under state or federal control.

The idea of “support your local police” also goes hand in hand with the idea of “support your local LAWS.”  It’s amazing how closely related these two concepts are.  When local police are not supported, neither are the local laws.

Unfortunately, the reality is not everyone agrees with enforcing local laws OR supporting local police.  In fact the scales are tipping nationwide.

Here is the breakdown of who do not support their local police:

  • Large numbers in metropolitan areas larger than 500,000 don’t
  • A large percentage of blacks don’t
  • Most Muslims don’t
  • Most anti-gun people don’t
  • Big government proponents don’t
  • Sanctuary city proponents don’t
  • Illegal immigrants don’t
  • Drug cartels don’t
  • Most criminals don’t

Criminals and drug cartels are a no-brainer.  So let’s move on to the others.

Illegal immigrants and sanctuary city proponents are allies.  Neither want the laws enforced.  After all, illegals are already criminals.  Sanctuary city proponents nullify the laws to pretend no one is a criminal.  And obviously, where illegals exist outside of sanctuary cities, they have no reason to support their local police or local laws.

Image result for sanctuary citiesBig government proponents look down on local governments as Neanderthals who don’t know any better.  This represents many in state and particularly in federal government, especially in the legal and social service arenas.  The map above does not show all sanctuary cities.  For a live map that shows dozens more, click HERE.

The anti-gun crowd, at all levels, generally don’t like police because – you guessed it – they carry guns.  The unarmed Bobbies of Britain are probably held as role models.

Muslims don’t like police or laws because deep down inside, usually well concealed, they don’t like much about our culture, laws, or government and can’t wait to impose Islamic Sharia.

A large percentage of the black population remain racist.  Look at the percentage of blacks who voted for Obama – for no reason other than he was seen as “black.”  As racists, they believe they can do no wrong.  Therefore they are resentful of both the laws and the police when they break the law.

Large segments of the population in the largest metropolitan areas are generally on welfare, a minority, and pandered to by liberal politicians.  Their socialization skills fall below those required for those residing in “a nation of laws.”  So both the politicians and their subjects dislike laws as well as police whose job is to enforce those laws.

So, while in my neck of the woods I and my friends and acquaintances support our local laws and local police, I understand that the concept of supporting either is complex.  It is not simply a quick conversation at a McDonald’s with a stranger and a bumper sticker that says “support your local police.”  It isn’t even a matter of having a conversation with my State Representative to promote the concept because my district already supports those things.

Unfortunately our nation has devolved into a population that prefers lawlessness and disrespect for authority, even at the highest levels of government.  Each group of rebels have their own excuses.  And many in government support and promote those excuses.  Those of us who still believe in supporting law and order are barely a declining majority.  We are called bigots, haters, and Nazi’s for wanting to support the police and our laws.  Very strange indeed.

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