Thursday, October 01, 2015

Russia bombing the “good guys” in Syria, really?

The story coming out of Washington via our gullible media is that Russia’s first bombing targets of choice were the US-trained, good-natured, pro-US, pro-democracy, nation-building Syrian rebels who are against mean ol’ Bashar Assad, the evil man of Damascus.

How many of the alleged “good guy” rebels did we train for their Syrian excursion?  Was it 5 for $10 million each or did we recruit a small army?  News sources indicate that one of the groups is called the “Free Syrian Army” comprised of defected Syrian military, included for Syrian Air Force Pilots.

Other sources indicate that CIA-sponsored rebels are predominantly comprised of al Qaeda.

“…the ‘rebels’ that Obama was aiding in Syria were al Qaeda. Or as the Obama administration referred to them as ‘moderate al qaeda’.  - See more at:

Who these people really are is anyone’s guess.

Our recent history in the Middle East suggests we have consistently bet on the wrong group of Muslims.  In Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libya, and in Egypt we have consistently failed to partner with reliable allies.  We ended up creating huge power vacuums all over the place which more devout, more militant, and more savage Muslims filled.

We should be learning by now that there is no group of Muslims in the Middle East we can trust.

As I’ve said many times, our failures in the Middle East result from our failure to admit who the enemy is.  Not admitting the ideology that drives the enemy:  Islam.  Not admitting the doctrines that rules Islam:  deception, intolerance, intrigue, violence.

Russia gets it.  They have been much closer neighbors to the Middle East than we have been.  We have been dealing with the relatively civilized Middle East Muslim oil barons who will appear to be whatever is required to broker their oil deal with the US.  We only wish the grass roots were like the oil barons.  Russia understands the grass roots.  They understand what they are dealing with.  That is why they understand that Saddam Hussein and Bashar Assad-types are the only things that bring reasonable order out of the chaos spawned by Islam.  We haven’t caught on yet.  We still believe “nation-building” and recreating the Middle East in our image is the way.  Yah, sure, you betcha.

Here is a recent headline about Donald Trump’s take on Russian bombing in Syria:

Russian airstrikes in Syria 'OK' with Trump

And I agree.  Here is an excerpt of what he says about it…

"We always give weapons, we give billions of dollars in weapons and then they turn them against us. We have no control. So we don't know the other people that we're supposed to be backing," Trump said of U.S. involvement in the region. "We don't even know who we are backing."

Given our recent history in the Middle East and the nature of Islam which the US has refused to admit, Trump is the ONLY candidate who “gets it.”

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Brother Michael said...

Once again I believe your comments are precisely on target.
And once again, Trump has made an off-handed comment on a situation in the middle east that raised a few questioning eyebrows...and it turns out he, too, is probably right on target.