Saturday, October 17, 2015

Imagine a Trump-Carson presidency…

Imagine, for a moment, Trump as President and Carson as VP.  We will have a classic “bad cop – good cop” scenario – or at least “loud cop – soft cop.”

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First off, our enemies will become totally confused and thrown off-balance.  Carson will come across as patient, well-reasoned, soft-spoken and level headed.  Then Trump will pile on and accuse them of every form of stupidity and incompetence known to man.  Putin and the Ayatollah won’t know up from down.  Trump will appoint Alan West as Secretary of Defense.

To our black gang bangers, Trump will hold rallies in the inner cities, drawing huge crowds, and shaming the derelict parents into a semblance of responsibility while Carson will smooth things over with plain talk of saving babies and saving the young black generation.

To the fascist Muslims, Carson will expand his absolutely correct belief that no Muslim should be president into a policy that NO Muslim is fit to hold ANY office in the United States as Trump fires every politically correct moron in the State Department, CIA, FBI, and Homeland Security.

Next, the illegal invaders from the South.  Trump will implement his deportation plans while he employs 50,000 workers to build The Wall, the largest public works project since the Hoover Dam.  At the same time, Carson will schmooze the Hispanic leaders of LEGAL immigrants into developing programs to fully assimilate themselves into American culture.

Oh, and the media.  Trump will buy ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN and auction each off to the highest bidders who haven’t offended him and donate the proceeds to children’s hospitals all over the country managed by the Carson family.  And finally, Trump will hire Megan Kelly as Press Secretary.

The above results of a Trump/Carson presidency are presented tongue in cheek.  Whether the above scenarios  or something similar play out, it would be interesting to watch a Trump/Carson team take the reins of power and influence in this country.  What a great and refreshing change – what a wonderful world that would be.

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