Monday, October 12, 2015

US opposes stability in the Middle East. Why?

First it was Saddam Hussein of Iraq.  Then it was Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. Then it was Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.  Now it is Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

All of these men were leaders of their Muslim nations.  Assad still is.  All of these men maintained order and stability, often with an iron fist.  All of these men  protected minorities, including Christians, as long as they did not attempt to overthrow their nation’s leaders.

In each instance, the United States was complicit in facilitating the overthrow of these leaders.  The result in each instance was chaos, bloodshed, instability, and a vacuum filled by ever more vile and violent versions of orthodox Islam – the religion of death.  The result was the birth and rapid and rabid growth of ISIS and the persecution and murder of thousands of Christians and not-devout-enough Muslims.  And now we see this instability become the pretext of a vast migration that will be known in future Euro-Arabic textbooks as the great Islamic Trojan Horse of Europe.

Egypt remains on the brink of civil war.  Libya is totally engulfed in civil war.  ISIS is making inroads into Afghanistan.  Iraq has been decimated with the balance of power reverting to Iran with possible nukes and an end-times-longing Ayatollah.  And now Syria.

The US is has been supplying al Qaeda fighting in Syria against Assad with tens of millions worth of armaments.  Al Qaeda!  The same al Qaeda that launched us into our 10-year war in Afghanistan.  The same al Qaeda that we claim was behind the 9-11 attack.  We are supplying arms to them in Syria while we fight them in Afghanistan.  As Trump would say, “that is a terrible deal.”

Why are we doing these things?  Is Obama’s policy clueless or by design?  Toward what end?  To overthrow Assad?  To overthrow the only force in Syria that is capable of maintaining any semblance of order against the unrelenting violence of a reborn Islamic death cult.  And we are assisting with that blitzkrieg – against Russia!  We are helping a murderous enemy to destroy a close Russian ally in Russia’s back yard.

Why?  Why are we doing this?  What’s in it for us?  Is it really as simple as fattening the bottom line of the military-industrial complex using taxpayer money to sell arms to some fighting force willing to use them?  Or do we have a president and federal government full of Muslims who seek opportunity to facilitate orthodox Islam’s resurgent aspirations for their beloved Islamic Caliphate?

I hate to have to say it – but common sense comes down on the side of Russian policy and actions in Syria.  Russia understands and is willing to support the type of government required to stem supremacist Islamic aspirations.  They know strong and merciless dictators are required in that roiling environment to maintain any semblance of order and stability.

The US does not. 

We don’t understand the Middle East mindset and Islamic ideology as well as Russia does.  Or else we are purposely muddying the Muslim waters with our ill-conceived designs. 

Our misplaced priority is attempting to recreate the Middle East in our image for our purposes.  The tragic result in the world of Islam is instability, destruction and more death and mayhem than under any dictator trying to maintain order.  If our objective is to benevolently save lives – we failed.  If our objective is to perpetuate mayhem, we’re a wild success.

Our actions are at odds with the desire of the great majority of Americans.  We blindly follow suicidal European policy as if we have no mind of our own.  We are doing things at odds with what we stand for as a nation and that erode our nationhood.  And we are doing things, frankly, that should be none of our business.

For further reading, here are a few web sites that provide additional background to our misadventure in Syria and the rest of the Islamic Middle East:

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Brother Michael said...

In short, our ship is being guided by insidious forces. We have lost virtually all control.