Saturday, July 13, 2013

While the evidence and the law demand acquittal…

Clearly, the evidence and the law in the George Zimmerman case demand acquittal.

Sadly, those who are more unthinkingly emotional and those who unthinkingly feel persecuted won’t care about the evidence and the law.  They will demand unthinking, emotional mob “justice” and revenge.

What would a conviction mean in this case?

A conviction turns our ability to defend ourselves on its head.  It means that punks can attack with no or minimal provocation, and we have little right to effective self-defense.

In the midst of being attacked, most of us are incapable of measuring the severity of defense we resist with.  We won’t know the capability of our attacker.  We would be lucky to avoid serious injury and remain alive.  Most of us aren’t capable of modulating the effectiveness of our defense.  We react to the degree we understand at the moment that our survival is in jeopardy.  We don’t know if the next threat or the next blow will knock us out or kill us or cause us to bleed out.  So we will defend ourselves to the maximum extent of our ability.  If we have a gun as part of our “ability” we can, we should, we must use it.

If confronted, and fleeing is NOT an option, we have no other option.

But if Zimmerman is convicted, even this option will be taken from us.  Our right to legitimate self defense will be dealt a fatal blow.

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