Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The gay lobby won…

Who is the Pope to judge!

A reporter asked the Pope about a trusted monsignor who reportedly once had a gay lover.  That question was in the context of the well-known homosexual lobbying effort inside the Vatican to officially accept homosexuals as priests and other leadership positions in the Church hierarchy.

The Pope responded:

“If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

Homosexuals around the world are rejoincing. 

Catholics praise and defend the Pope’s remarks saying he really didn’t mean what the great majority of media is reporting.  They defend the Pope by saying he is simply being open minded, tolerant and forgiving – that He is being “Catholic.”

I suggest he is ignoring evil at the gates.  And he is the overseer of the gates.

The fact that homosexuals around the world are encouraged to the point of nearly dancing in the streets as a result of his comments speaks volumes.  That says more than Catholic apologists merely suggesting the media misrepresented his comments.  Speaking of homosexuals dancing in the streets, have you ever witnessed a Gay Pride parade?  With your kids?

Those who care about Biblical morality are shocked and saddened to hear a Church leader of the Pope’s stature in the world choosing not to judge sinful tendencies and predispositions in leaders of the Church.

The Pope’s comments revealed a great chasm in the Church:  Those who vigorously defend anything and everything that comes out of the mouths of Catholic leaders, right or wrong, good or evil.  And those who care about the liberal, destructive direction the Church is heading, led by leaders who throw up their hands and proclaim “who am I to judge.”

In sum, the Pope’s comments were at best ambiguous, provoking controversy and dissension, and at worst, to put it kindly,  "progressing" toward liberalizing the Church.  To put it more bluntly:  Leading the Church into the pits of damnation.

When a Pope proclaims "who am I to judge", that is a mouthful.  If the Pope says HE shouldn't judge, then it follows no Catholic should judge. That is a clear declaration and mandate to throw out the moral teachings of the Church - and of the Bible. If the sin of practicing homosexuality, one of the most prominent moral teachings in Scripture and tradition, can't be judged, what can? What is the teaching? That no one should judge anyone's behaviors?  No one should claim anyone else is sinning?   No one should even admit what a sin is or isn't because that would be "judging?"

The Pope is advocating moral relativism - or perhaps more accurately, amorality. There is no longer any human behavior worthy of judging. A sin is only something that an individual declares it to be, whether he even ever knows what sin is even if he saw it. But then how could anyone ever identify sin to know what it is if we are not to judge, just like the Pope?

Granted, the Pope was parsing the distinction between a priest having homosexual tendencies, preferences, or predisposition as distinct from a priest actually practicing and promoting homosexuality.  Unfortunately, practicing and harboring are really close bedfellows, so to speak. And those who harbor have the same predispositions toward related immoral acts as the practitioners - thus the Priest-driven child molestation scandal and Bishop/Vatican coverup/indifference, and “failure to judge.”  How can these people be so blind?  Is it ignorance?  Or is it complicity?  Unless one believes that “do not judge” is the highest ever Biblical value, which it certainly is not.

If the media’s interpretation is so different than what the Pope really said as claimed by Papal apologists, then he is a really poor communicator. Apologists for the Church will read their own "he didn't really mean that" into what he really said.  The homosexual community confirms the media reports.  Why else would they be so enthusiastic?

The Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church. And he is not to judge? Hasn't that been a problem with the Catholic Church hierarchy for decades now - not judging? Catholic leaders are not to judge homosexuals, they are not to judge child predators. What else might they not be the ones to judge?  Perhaps they are not to judge female priests, they are not to judge abortionists, they are not to judge Muslims who burn churches and kill priests.  They don’t judge, they just forgive.  No wonder the Italian Mafia have been practicing Catholics.

The great Papal divider has come down on the side of the radical “look the other way, who am I to judge, anything goes” Catholics.  The traditionalists, those who the “who am I to judge” Catholics ridicule and marginalize as being right wing extremist Catholics, are left sucking wind.

Apologists for the Pope and the Church have said that the Pope is not actually in the business of personally judging anyone.   OK.   Is he in a position to judge categories of behaviors and morality? Is he able to pronounce what is sin anymore? Apparently not that either. "Who am I to judge" indeed.

The Church is beginning to be good for not much except promoting forcible redistribution and "forgiving" everyone's bad behavior.   No wonder Catholic Church attendance is plummeting.  Redistribution and forgiving bad behavior can be done without the Church.  Just join a street gang – or the Democrat Party. 

Unfortunately this is what the Catholic Church feels it needs to do to stay in business.  Instead of being the counter-cultural salt of the earth, providing a reason to strive to be moral agents of God, they are merely going along to get along – running with the tide of a corrupt and declining culture.  Do you believe this is what Christ intended?

In answer to the reporters question:  There is little doubt left about the status of Gay Mafia in the Vatican.  They have prevailed.  The Church Leader has abrogated his moral authority and has thrown his influence behind “I don’t care – do what you want to do.  Who am I to judge.”

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