Sunday, July 14, 2013

Unarmed “Community Watch” is a suicide mission

Famed Attorney Alan Dershowitz and Front Page Magazine Journalist David Horowitz both believe that official “Community Watch” folks should not be armed.

One is a liberal; the other is supposedly a reformed liberal.  But both want to put one more nail in the coffin of the 2nd amendment.

Who in his right mind would want to patrol his community unarmed?  If George Zimmerman agreed to that he would have been killed.  Looking for the name of the street where “little” Trayvon skittled off to, as requested by the police dispatcher, and then trying to return to his truck UPON being advised “not to follow”, George was jumped and beaten by “little” Trayvon.  If George was not armed, he would be dead or beaten into a vegetable.

The George Zimmerman case is being used by liberals and wanna-be conservatives as an excuse to disarm an important segment of our responsible citizenry.

If attacked by a displaced ghetto kid with knee jerk, street fighter reactions or by a punk on drugs, an unarmed community watch guy has little chance of survival.

If your local community requires their Community Watch folks to be unarmed, consider that to be a voluntary suicide mission.  If you want to watch your community, do it informally and do it armed.  Avoid the insanity of the Community Watch bureaucracy and  its extra-legal constraints on your right to bear arms, and most importantly, your right to adequately defend yourself from punks.


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