Friday, July 26, 2013

Expat to Chile…

Or a dozen other places…

I just finished a fascinating book, “The Warning” by John Price, a former Indianapolis, Indian, attorney.

What does this book have to do with US citizens moving to Chile?  I knew one.  And I can only guess her reasons for moving, aside from the fact she lived there as a child and had fond memories.

But here are other reasons:

“The Warning” is a “semi”-fictional book about Biblical reasons for leaving the United States.    By “semi”-fictional, what I mean is this book is a made up story line of possible, or maybe even likely future events, juxtaposed against plausible Biblical prophecy and admonitions.  The Biblical prophecy and admonitions deal with what constitutes the latter day Babylon the Great, and what Christians should do to remain faithful to God should they agree that they are living in Babylon’s midst.

The US is identified as the “Daughter of Babylon” based on the following “identity clues” found a number of verses of the Bible (see verse references, below):

Is the daughter…

  1. The Same as the Mother? (the “mother” Babylon was known as being “anti-God” and was destroyed);
  2. The Hammer of the whole earth?
  3. A latter day nation?
  4. A nation of wealth and luxury?
  5. A multi-nation melting pot of a nation?
  6. A nation living on many waters?
  7. A center of world commerce
  8. The great voice
  9. Mad upon their idols?
  10. A nation that mounts up to the heavens?
  11. A place where nations gather?
  12. Proud against the Lord?
  13. A place with a large Jewish population?
  14. A deep water port nation?
  15. A nation that the Kings of the Medes won’t destroy themselves?
  16. A land of entertainment?
  17. A nation other than the historical Babylon that is gone and won’t be back?
  18. A nation that sits on (has bases in) the seven continents of the Earth?
  19. A nation sworn to defend Israel.? 

The book makes the case that the US is the “Daughter of Babylon.”  It further summarizes the evils of the United States that are worthy of God’s wrath:

  • Over 56 million aborted births since Roe v Wade (1973); the great majority are killings of convenience and not to save the life of the mother, a result of rape or birth defect.
  • A government that is striving to use taxpayer funding to pay for all abortions.
  • A culture that is pro-homosexuality and a government that is enforcing that desire.
  • A culture that denigrates the marriage tradition via mandating that the sacred institution be available to homosexuals.
  • A place where “Christian” churches have become places of entertainment and pride-building rather than places for teaching morality and worship of God.
  • A nation obsessed with entertainment, with productivity and worship of God far down the list of priorities
  • The world’s greatest exporter of degenerate culture and entertainment
  • A nation living off of borrowed money, incapable of paying off principle
  • A culture that desires government to take over more and more personal and local responsibilities, enabling big government to usurp the place of personal responsibility and reliance on God for our help after all we can do.

With these two sets of data, 1) the prophecies of Scripture, and 2) the realities of our nation, the book makes a case in answering the question:  What business do Christians have remaining in a country like this?  The book’s answer:  None.  They should leave.  The book also integrates objections to this drastic action into its script.   For example:  But shouldn’t Christians remain to make things better?  To build the Church? 

The answer:  The trend is irreversible.  The writing is on the wall; the die is cast.  A sense of urgency in leaving is declared.  In fact, the author of the book, John Price, already left.  He and his wife live in Central America.

Here is John Price’s website:

New York City is said by some to be ground zero of Babylon the Great in our age – Babylon sit right next to New York Harbor.  And the next Mayor of New York may very well be…yet another pervert..

Verse references:

    • Psalm 137:8
    • Isaiah 13; 21:1-10; 47 and 48
    • Jeremiah 50 and 51
    • Zechariah 2:7
    • Revelation 17 and 18.

But why Chile?  One reason is its economic and social freedoms are greater than in the US, according to the CATO Institute.

Other reasons may include a greater general sense of community and neighborliness, a stronger sense of morality, a more faithful Christianity, an overall better sense of wellbeing and a feeling of the way the US felt in the 50’s.

Or maybe loving friends and relatives are there.  Are we escaping an unpleasantness in the US or are we attracted to a better time and place.  Perhaps both.

Someday I will have to ask my old friend who grew up in Chile, lived in the US most of her life, and recently returned to Chile what her reasons are.

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