Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clash of cultures…

Samuel P. Huntington wrote a groundbreaking book titled “Clash of Civilizations.”  He demonstrated how the faith and dogma of nations shape their actions and attitudes toward other nations.  Great differences between their belief systems, morality, and actions often lead to international conflict.

The same can be said of the great differences between the faith and dogma of different cultures that characterize different neighborhoods.

Trayvon Martin was raised in a black Miami neighborhood where pockets of less than upstanding civic values persisted.  In his life experience it was considered normal and maybe by some, acceptable, to be occasionally involved in fights, buy, sell, and use drugs, and engage in vulgar language.  In his culture, a short temper and aggressive attitude often served him well in a relatively animalistic environment.  He chose to be a part of that micro-culture and allowed it to shape his life and actions.

Bring those life experiences, attitude, and actions to a small town Sanford, Florida, apartment complex and see what happens.

In Sanford, most of the population is more accustomed to helping their neighbor, not hyper-sensitive to perceived slights, more tolerant, and more likely to move on than what would typically be the case in a black Miami ghetto-like environment.  In Sanford, if the typical resident felt they were being followed, they are more likely to say “can I help you find find the apartment you’re looking for” or “it sure has been rainy.”  The transplanted civically-challenged individual (I’m trying to be kind) is more likely to punch the follower in the nose, knock him to the ground and pummel him MMA style.

George Zimmerman did not expect a Miami ghetto reaction to his walking the sidewalks of his home community.  But he got it.  He was not prepared for it, but he got it.  He was not a fighter.  He was not fit.  He used the only tool at his disposal, out of fear for his life, to avoid debilitating or fatal injury.

This was a clash of cultures.  An individual with lifelong exposure to a violent culture confronting someone with lifelong exposure to law-abiding culture doing his best to keep it that way in a manner he thought would be most helpful. 

With this being said, the elephant in the room of the Zimmerman trial was this: 

A judge who disallowed the backgrounds, the cultures, the past actions, and the records of these two individuals to be considered by the jury.

These facts are extremely relevant.  They shaped who these individuals are.  They are key to what motivated the individuals to take the actions they took.  Martins’ background and previous behavior coincides exactly with his knee-jerk attack on Zimmerman that Zimmerman described.  But this evidence was kept from the jury.  If Zimmerman was convicted, this denial of essential evidence would have been a sound basis for appeal.

The media, the President, and the prosecution demean the civic pride of defendant Zimmerman by labeling him a  “wannabe cop.”  Only a couple of decades ago, a young man aspiring to be a police officer was considered a good thing – worthy of praise, not slander.

The media, the President, and the prosecution, on the other hand, portrayed the drug using, violent, expelled punk as a persecuted victim – an ideal model citizen.  Check out what the media and courts covered up about Trayvon HERE.  And HERE is a lot of evidence of the “racism for profit” scheme implemented by the anti-Zimmerman team.

Zimmerman continues to be accused of being a racist, even though the verdict and facts confirm he is anything but.  John Donnelly, a friend and defense witness provided this insight:

Donnelly told Reuters that Zimmerman was hurt very deeply by prosecutors' portrayals of him as a racist vigilante who targeted and pursued Martin simply because he was black.

"The person they are talking about is somebody completely different," Donnelly quoted Zimmerman as telling him recently. "Sometimes I have to go look at a mirror. They are talking about a totally different human being. They are talking about a racist. I'm not a racist."

He said Zimmerman was anything but.

"He's been mentoring young black kids for years, he launched a campaign to help a homeless black man who was beaten up by a white kid, and he still just can't believe all the things that have been said about him in the media."

Other friends of Zimmerman who spoke exclusively to Reuters remain angry at what he has endured since the shooting.

"I knew the man was innocent the whole time,'' said Jorge Rodriguez. "He called me yesterday to thank me ... for believing in him. He was just so relieved."

This leads me to the conclusion that the media, the President, the prosecution and other race-baiters are full of crap – not worthy of any respect, and a menace to society.

The clash of civilizations is inside our gates and at our door.


Thank God, as I just completed writing this post this evening I learned that George Zimmerman has been declared NOT GUILTY.

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