Friday, July 19, 2013

Saint Trayvon of Miami…

St. Francis of Assissi has nothing on Saint Trayvon of Miami.  Neither does Muhammad.

This brings to mind how a child molesting, drug using, hallucinating, short-tempered killer like Muhammad of Medina could become the leader of the world’s major religion among the worlds illiterate.  His death brought life to his checkered cause.

In like fashion the nation’s illiterate are making little Saint Trayvon into something he never was.  The historic facts didn’t matter among the Muslim followers of  the 6th century symbol of Islam, Muhammad.  And the facts don’t matter among Muslims today.  Neither do the historical facts, as recent as they are, matter to the followers of the newly minted symbol of Black racism, Trayvon.

The nation’s present day defense of a short-fused man whose use of drugs created a paranoid fighting temperament  brings a stark, creepy reality to how cults and movements are created and energized.  Most often, they have nothing to do with fact.  They have to do with emotion, bias, wishful thinking, group psychosis, and lust for power.  Like Muhammad’s fact-challenged cult following, Trayvon’s following is also devoid of facts.  His following is based on emotion, bias, wishful thinking, group psychosis, and lust for power.  Are you hearing this, Mr. President?

Some things never change.  Do we have a new Muhammad waiting in the wings? 


reoconnot said...

"Are you hearing this, Mr. President?"

Yes. He wants to know why you are criticizing his religion. He wants you to know the future does not belong to you.

Gerardo Moochie said...

Yes, and 35 years ago he acted just like Trayvon. In fact, he could've been Trayvon.