Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear Huma:


“I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him,” and the sexting matter is “between us,” she said

With that said, here is my reply to Huma:

Dear Huma:

With regard to your defense of your husband I have this to say to you.

Just because you are Muslim, why do you think the American people shouldn’t want honesty and morality in an elected official?  I understand that Muslim women accept all kinds of infidelity and abuse from their husbands.  That is part of your Islamic culture.  I suppose your Muslim influence and mission are so overwhelmingly significant that you find it prudent to ignore all semblance of common sense and human decency.

It is so weird, but in another way it makes sense, that you are pals with Hillary; her right hand Muslim.  You two have so much in common:  You both have big dicks for husbands. 

Is Anthony just your pimp boy?  Your lifeline to riches?  Your front man so you can do your behind the scenes thing of subverting our government with your Islamic conquest syndrome?  Do you have an arranged marriage to facilitate your Islamic sedition against the non-Muslims of New York?  Ahh, yes.  You would be the “First Lady” of New York City.  A Muslim first lady.  How fitting for a Muslim to be the First Lady of what many refer to New York City, in a religious sense, as the Daughter of Babylon the Great – the Great Harlot.

I understand that in the Islamic “faith” you are required to be subservient to “your man.”  But lady, you have no “man” there.  You have a pervert.  And your creepy defense of him based on your even more creepy “religion” makes you as much of a pervert as he is.

Huma, you need psychiatric help as badly as your warped husband.  Go for it.

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