Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pop culture (and Trayvon Martin) love to mimic evil…

Sure, there are decent kids, decent people who wear hoodies.  There are decent people who cover their bodies with tattoos head to toe.  There are decent people who dress and make-up “Goth.”  There are decent people who wear nose rings, and tongue rings and bones in their cheeks.   There are “decent people” who smoke pot and do heroin (so believe some).  There are “decent people” who love violent and pornographic rap (or so believe those who share their tastes.)  There are decent people who wear their drawers half way down their ass – well this last one may be a stretch.  And there are the “decent kids” who wear their long black trenchcoats mimicking the gangsta garb to school.

Who and what people choose to mimic does indicate their tastes and, to a degree their state of mind.

What do most of these jackass followers have in common?  They are mimicking evil.  They are all following pop culture – “the crowd.”  Pop culture loves to mimic evil.  Before these modes of dress and drug use became popular, they were all part of the underground culture of evil –disrespected by the mainstream.  The hoodie gained its popularity from use by street thugs – its great for concealment.  Wearing the hoodie is not evil, but it mimics the style of evil.  Our drug culture has its roots in evil, but millions are in it and legislators want to legitimize it.  For some inexplicable dumb ass reason, people with little direction and even fewer sound values love to mimic evil.

Trayvon Martin is one of those mimicking evil, with his drug use and “hoodie.”  Trayvon was a misdirected ass waiting for trouble.  No wonder he was paranoid and picked the wrong fight at the wrong place.  Viva la George Zimmerman who exercised his God-given senses and appropriately defended himself.  I am hopeful that any moron like Bob Beckel or Whoopie Suckerpunch Goldberg who thinks that Zimmerman was a “sissy” for shooting the evil drug dealer wannabe that they one day soon find themselves in Zimmerman’s position.  That could not happen to more deserving people.  That would be justice.

Martin mimicked just about every up to no good stereotype that existed:  The hoodie, the appearance of sneaking around in the dark and the rain, the quick temper, the psychotic behavior, the drug use, the school suspensions, the stealing, the dealing.  Its all there.  Any one of these by themselves may not draw suspicion, but all together there is nothing worthy of praise.   Nothing worthy of protecting or memorializing.  Yet there are millions who are blind to evil and who are memorializing all of it.  Because of race.

I love Coulter’s latest rant:  To Avoid Looking Like a Criminal, Don’t Commit a Crime.  I would also suggest to avoid being perceived as a criminal don’t act and dress like one.

Take a look at this link to discover the likely extent of Martin’s drug involvement:


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