Monday, July 15, 2013

ABC’s ‘The View’ Stoking the Flames…

Anyone watching The View today (July 15, 2013) may have noticed the show’s agenda-driven ignorance – perhaps feigned ignorance to incite viewers to increase ratings and enhance their ad revenues.

Most obvious was the 10 foot high photo of “little Trayvon” when he was 10 or 12 years old projected behind the panelists.

Of course they wouldn’t show any of these…

…because it wouldn’t fit their agenda.

But that was the least of the incitement.

It appeared that neither Whoopi Golberg nor Joy Behar knew any facts of the case because they displayed their ignorance so starkly when they misrepresented the facts.  They merely repeated the liberal media narrative.  They insisted that Zimmerman got out of his car in violation of the order of the police not to do so when in fact he got out of his car searching for a street sign in response to a request from the dispatcher to identify the name of the street he was on.  He was requested not to follow only after he reached the far extent of his street sign search roughly 200’ from his vehicle.   Immediately upon receiving the dispatcher’s request not to search he began his walk back to his vehicle.  That is when he was confronted by the angry Martin.

Goldberg then questioned why Zimmerman didn’t “sucker punch” Martin while Martin was on top of him instead of shooting him.  Again she displayed gross ignorance of the facts of the case and of common sense.  When an out of shape individual (Zimmerman – or Goldberg) is on the bottom mounted by an angry dude who is much more physically fit (Martin) pounding his (or her) head into concrete “mixed marshall arts” style (the “ladies” of The View were ignorant of the initials “MMA” again revealing their ignorance of what has been in the news for weeks) the one on the bottom has few if any options.  If any options existed he had no opportunity or capacity to think them through.  Goldberg ought to personally try that scenario out herself.

It is difficult for me to understand how millionaire TV hosts can be either

1) This ignorant, or

2) This greedy for ratings at the price of willful misrepresentation of facts…

…either of which is likely to incite further violence among the ignorant masses across the country.

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