Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sandy, helplessness, and big government…

It is informative to watch news reports of the big city folks hit by Sandy demanding that government do more for them – whining that things aren’t being done quickly enough for them.  They are so accustomed to government taking care of their every need that in times of disaster they know nothing else but to stand paralyzed in place like a spoiled whining two year old demanding that mommy change his diaper.  Transportation, healthcare, water, sewer, electricity, sanitation.  Its all government, all the time. 

My favorite distortion of the famous line from Kennedy’s speech is this:

Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for yourself.

The complainers in New York and New Jersey are an accurate reflection of the democrat, big government mindset:  The government should do more, I should do less and I don’t really need to be responsible for my own preparation and survival in a natural disaster.  Pathetic.

Big cities breed big government.  Big government creates greater dependency.  Greater dependency demands bigger government.  This creates a mushrooming of parasitic mutual dependency until both the government and individuals become inert and useless.

This “Sandy” experience in the East Coast demonstrates the difference in ideology between those promoting Obama’s bigger government and Romney’s smaller government.  Bigger government equals less personal responsibility.  Smaller government equals more personal responsibility. 

The example and the contrast could not be clearer.  Which way do you think this country should be headed?

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