Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Morality should be compromised–and pigs should fly…

The recent debacle of an election was discussed by a diverse group of conservatives the other day.  We were all involved in a “post mortem” of sorts, each giving his understanding of why Romney failed.

One reason given was particularly striking:  Those damned moral Christians are so uncompromising.  They either need to learn to compromise their social conservative position or they need to be excluded from the process.  They are dinosaurs in a changing world.  They need to get with the program.

I asked, “why should moral principles be compromised?  Why don’t those who cherish their immoral position do the compromising?”

That question was not answered, as if that option doesn’t exist.  Unfortunately, that option is not taken seriously by very many of us anymore in this debased culture.  Amorality is the poster child of the new tolerance.  Our politics and our leaders reflect the corruption of our culture.  We get what we deserve.  Compromising what good there is left is hardly the solution.

So, in short, I have this to say to those who believe that morality should be compromised for their perception of “the common good”:  How about you compromise your own values instead, if you have any left.  Yeah, yeah, I know that is impolite, and not politically correct.  And it doesn’t get the votes from the requisite number of like minded TV-numbed, culture-killing amoral ignoramuses.  So be it.


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