Friday, November 16, 2012

US Policy in the Middle East Flunks the Stink Test…

…and Patraeus was the architect and implementer

There is nothing to pity about Petraeus.   He is not the vaunted military strategist who brought us victory in Iraq or anywhere else. He is a political pawn in the pocket of Islamic sympathizers in the White House.

Does anyone think we “won” in Iraq?  What is the state of affairs there?  A brooding, simmering Muslim population on the verge of civil war.  And Iraq’s anti-US government has vowed to use Mid-East oil as a weapon against the us.

Let me think.  Isn’t Petraeus the guy who apologized for the burning of a Qur’an a year or so ago, while at the same time ordering Bibles to be burned so that Muslims won’t be offended?  Wasn’t it Petraeus who demanded rules of engagement of our troops that prohibited firing against known enemies until fired upon?  Wasn’t it Petraeus who developed the plan for our troops to buddy up with and “trust” Muslim police and troops, only to have dozens of our Muslim “allies” assassinate dozens of our troops over the course of the past year?  And yes, he was among the first to blame a US YouTube video for Muslim riots.  His counterinsurgency (COIN) strategy calls for “respect Islam over our own beliefs”, and to sacrifice our soldiers for the benefit of the Muslim population and culture.  That is utter madness!

Diana West has a lot more on the vaunted useless general HERE.

Within the next year or two, we will discover that both Iraq and Afghanistan wars were nothing but a tremendous waste of life and treasure, an Islamic “rope-a-dope” that would have made Muslim Muhammad Ali proud if he was ever a Brotherhood leader.  The “dopes” are us, led by a corrupt federal government and socialist/Muslim-pandering media.

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