Saturday, November 17, 2012

Weirdness and illogic of election results lead me to one overwhelming conclusion…

Nearly half the US population agrees with me that we had a choice between good and evil in this past election.

I won’t go into the candidates respective qualities – they are well known by most who care to know.  But we know what each man represented.

Dozens of different reasons and excuses are given by analysts and pundits for Romney’s loss, surprising to many, not surprising to some.  You’ve probably heard most of them.  I won’t rehash those excuses, either.

There are over a million people in the United States (maybe several times that number) who believe the United States and all other world governments generally are so corrupt and immoral that they will not participate in government at all.  They won’t run for office, they won’t vote, they won’t serve in the armed forces, they won’t salute the flag.  Most will pay taxes (some won’t) and obey all the other laws of the land out of Biblical principle to obey.  But voluntary participation will not be in their to do list.

They believe that governments are so out of touch with God’s pattern for governance that most governments have become anti-God.  Governments reflect the culture and the culture has become anti-God.  To participate or engage voluntarily with the government in any capacity is believed to be working against God.  They believe what Jesus said:

"Anyone who isn't with me opposes me, and anyone who isn't working with me is actually working against me.

New Living Translation (©2007)

And they take this command seriously.  Most denominations, mainline and otherwise, don’t go this far.  Most denominational leaders take the lead of Catholic Cardinal Dolan and schmooze with the political elite, believing that they can make a difference without corrupting themselves.   Others believe such leaders are fools and are deceived and make a mockery of their supposed ‘Godliness.’

The weirdness and illogic of this past election has reinforced my growing conviction that events in this nation are the consequence of a spiritual battle of good verses evil.  And good is losing.  Evil is prevailing so completely that the “hedge of protection” that many Christians believe in is being lifted.  We have become so enamored with ourselves and so dismissive of God that God is becoming dismissive of us.  He is saying, in essence, “if that is the direction they want to go, let them go.  If they no longer want to honor Me, I will no longer honor them.  I will call a “timeout” on my sacred covenant and let them pursue their heart’s desire.” 

The forces of evil are lovin’ it.

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