Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Masses vs. the Remnant…

Seeking reasons for the election results, I glanced at a few of my favorite sites around the internet.

Ann Barhardt ( referred to an article the essence of which was this: 

As the word “masses” is commonly used, it suggests agglomerations of poor and underprivileged people, laboring people, proletarians, and it means nothing like that; it means simply the majority. The mass man is one who has neither the force of intellect to apprehend the principles issuing in what we know as the humane life, nor the force of character to adhere to those principles steadily and strictly as laws of conduct; and because such people make up the great and overwhelming majority of mankind, they are called collectively the masses. The line of differentiation between the masses and the Remnant is set invariably by quality, not by circumstance. The Remnant are those who by force of intellect are able to apprehend these principles, and by force of character are able, at least measurably, to cleave to them. The masses are those who are unable to do either.

From the Ludwig von Mises Institute – full article HERE

There are media masses and media remnants; preacher masses and preacher remnants; politician masses and politician remnants; voter masses and voter remnants.  Substitute “masses” with “whore” and the picture becomes more current.  We have media whores, preacher whores, politician whores, and voter whores.  Each seeks the greatest advantage from (not “for”) the dumbed down masses or for themselves.

The remnant lost this election.  The opportunity for the real, longer lasting greater good lost out to the masses, to the whores.

I haven’t even gotten to my favorite religious sites yet.  But I will bet they suggest, speaking of whores, that this nation is absolutely screwed.  God is not happy and will not be mocked.  There are too many willfully unGodly things the masses of this nation have done and are unrepentantly continuing to do.  Mass baby killing, spending like a drunken sailor, promotion of perversion of millenia-old moral codes, encouraging  mass infiltration of foreign cultures and ideologies, degrading our national unity and military defenses.  Sites like Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily speak of the re-election of Obama being God’s judgment on America.

I do not have any answers for “what do we do now?”  But I wrote earlier on what I think will result over the next months and years HERE.

There is a new TV series on the National Geographic channel  called Doomsday Preppers.  Most scenarios they present seem extreme and off the wall.  But there is a lot of food for thought, water for sustenance, and many suggested measures for personal defense discussed.

As I have said, discovering we have little control or influence in our whoring nation is no excuse for failing to do all we can to prepare to take care of ourselves and our loved ones - both materially and spiritually.   We are the remnant.

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