Monday, November 26, 2012

Let the Dems “cave”…

For the past several days we have been hearing talk of fiscally conservative Republicans “caving” to the progressive/socialist cries to increase taxes to “avoid the fiscal cliff.”

They have been sugar-coating their “caving” by calling their proposed compromise “closing tax loopholes.”  I’ve got news.  One man’s loophole is another man’s exemption.  How would you like to see your home mortgage interest “exemption” called a “loophole” and eliminated?  How would you like to see the exemption for your children called a “loophole” and eliminated?

That is apparently what many in Congress are all about – proposing the elimination of “loopholes.”  I call it tax increases disguised through a shell game.

Oh, and the reason given for “closing the loopholes” is “tax reform.”  That is the drip drip drip water torture version of “tax reform.”  That kind of tax reform is just another excuse for raising taxes.

Not one penny of tax increase – for the middle class or for the rich - through closing “loopholes” or in the name of “tax reform” should be tolerated unless there is a comprehensive – a comprehensive -  tax reform package.  And not any increase, not even as a result of comprehensive tax reform, until the unemployment rate is below 5%.

Raising a billion here and a billion there by closing loopholes  - read “eliminating exemptions” - will cause much more harm to the producers and job creators of this country than it will benefit any budget shortfall.  That doesn’t even begin to touch the magnitude of the deficit.

Cut spending.  Cut government.  Eliminate czars.  Eliminate Departments and Bureaus.  Eliminate programs.  Eliminate funding abortions.  Eliminate funding obscene “art” and insane environmental and green energy boondoggles  and free-flowing food stamps and excessively lengthy unemployment benefits.  These all waste money and unnecessarily inhibit business, job growth and personal initiative.  

Our demand needs to be:  Cut  government, don’t tax its subjects more.  And don’t pretend that “eliminating loopholes” isn’t raising taxes. 

Reduce government.  Don’t tax more to grow more government.   Don’t encourage people to be dependent on government.  Encourage people to be independent and self-sufficient produces.  That’s how our country grew strong.  Not by its people being takers dependent on government but by its people being producers independent of government.

To mock the sickening words of our first “lady”, for the first time in my adult life I am ashamed of my country for electing leaders who insist on taking us down the path of dependency, bigger government, higher taxes, and ultimately, loss of our freedoms.

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