Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ever wonder why military brass don’t know crap about Islam?

…and ever wonder why we are in protracted, no win wars?

Because more of them than we ever knew are distracted and corrupt.  The ones we placed the most trust in – Patreaus and now General John R. Allen, head of NATO forces.  And how many others?

With everything these people were into they most likely had only enough time to learn about “the enemy” from MSNBC, Al Jazeera and their Muslim buddies.  I ‘ve most likely devoted more hours to learning the truth about Islam than these fools have.  And how much of their policies have been driven by blackmail?

How far does this corruption, incompetence and crime against the United States extend? Watch for news about the FBI and CIA, not to mention what we already know about the State Department.

Am I overreacting?  Frankly, I may be UNderreacting.  You tell me.

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