Sunday, October 28, 2012

Undecideds, clueless, and malevolent…

Here are the human characteristics that kill a nation…

Ignorance, malevolent motives, and indifference.

Those who are undecided about who they want to vote for for president are a prime example.  What does it take to be undecided at this stage of the election process?  The combination of ignorance and indifference.  Such people would likely fail at deciding if they want to take a dump or eat marshmallows.  Hopefully many of these people will be so conflicted they won’t decide whether or not to vote until after the election.

Cluelessness is the child of indifference.  Indifference comes from petty hedonism and self-absorption.  This nation is filled with these – mostly democrats, and mostly those younger than 30, although I know a few who are somewhat older.  TV for the poor and middle class, cruises and golf for those more well off, are their greatest source of self-fulfillment; garbage in – garbage out.  Bread and circuses.

Malevolent instigators and leaders are those whose motives are to change America into a socialist, communist, or Islamic state – a state that thrives on clueless and ignorant people.  These are the ones who promote cluelessness, ignorance, self-absorption, and dependency.  The helpless and hapless require a big government to play the “mommie” role and take care of them.  Bigger government and more power is what the malevolent want, and they will instigate the clueless, ignorant, and dependent to demand it.

Need I say it again:  The great majority of these are democrats.  Not the democrats of 50 years ago, but the new breed who came out of the druggies, radicals, protestors and leftist domestic terrorists of the ‘60’s.  Obama and his buddies bubbled up from this morass.

So, at this stage of the game, if you come across an “undecided”, pity them, and don’t bother with any conversion attempt because the level of ignorance and cluelessness of such individual is so all encompassing that any whisper or innuendo from any source will change or paralyze such person’s thinking process, if he ever had one.

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