Wednesday, October 24, 2012

“Forward…” into the abyss

The Obama campaign’s pet slogan is FORWARD!

Forward to what?  Forward to more government programs, influence, favoritism, taxes, government debt, control, and entitlement dependency?  Forward to less freedom, personal responsibility, initiative, and independence?  Forward toward a socialist state where the great majority depend on government and the productive minority support government?  Sure, that will work.  NOT!

No thanks.  The federal government has already proven its ineptness in providing services in a cost-effective manner.  Large bureaucracies, whether governmental or large corporate, suck at providing responsive, cost effective services.

My recent experiences in dealing with Home Depot or Lowes compared to dealing with small, independent contractors for home improvements have convinced me of the “smaller is better” conclusion.  The big bureaucracy maintains layers of scheduling, fees, and split responsibilities for whatever they provide.  The independent entrepreneur is committed to personal responsibility and simplicity for the customer in providing cost effective services.

Services provided by big government have the same defects as services provided by  big businesses:  Excessive layers of specialization and responsibility, lack of flexibility and responsiveness and excessive costs.

Obama and socialism represent the big government model.  No thanks!

The liberal’s favorite slander is to infer that Romney and conservatives would take our military and our government programs back to bayonets and shooting grandma.   Those are scare tactics and lies to promote big government and more government programs.

Too many lazy, dependent, self-absorbed, inert, tax-sucking Americans love the big government, squeeze-the-producers model that Obama and socialism promote.

If Obama wins the election, it will be all ahead full speed toward that socialist fiasco.

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