Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dolan the dumbfounding…

Sorry, Catholic Cardinal Dolan fans, I cannot picture Jesus yucking it up in the close presence of politicians like Barack Obama who advocate baby killing.

I picture Jesus lecturing, then dusting off his sandals and leaving. 

This photo of Cardinal Dolan at the recent Al Smith Dinner with President (government sponsored abortion and birth control advocate Obama) is sickening.  This is the equivalent of Jesus yucking it up with Pontius Pilate.  Can you picture that?

On the one hand the church is supposedly infuriated that the Obama administration would mandate birth control measures that are an anathema to Church doctrine and religious liberty.  On the other hand a major church leader is engaged in a social event that is sure to garner votes for Obama from ignorant Catholics who only bother with the superficial actions they observe.

The substance of the following YouTube by Michael Voris makes a great deal of sense, but is too difficult for many to admit…

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