Sunday, October 11, 2009

What liberals have in common with the ignorant

Ignorant in the good sense:  Being unaware.

On virtually every topic I have the opportunity to dialogue with liberals about, the one thing they have in common is their ignorance of the topic about which they opine – or rather about which they throw out trite phrases.

Example one:  Discussion about morality or lack thereof of “free trade” - how freely corporations pollute and indulge in child labor and slave wages in other nations to avoid being subject to the laws and economy of our own nation.  Her response:  “You can’t legislate morality.”  The reality is every law on the books legislates morality, from the prohibition of  murder to having only one spouse, to not stealing someone else’s property.  The debate is over whose morality is legislated, not whether morality can be legislated.

Example two: Discussion about the nature of Islam.  He opined that Islam is indeed a religion of peace.  It is difficult to discuss a subject with someone who is totally oblivious to the facts without sounding preachy and condescending.  But a head in the sand will avoid the truth every time.

Example three:  She said Obama will be a great president and voted for him - even after I pointed out all his radical associations and socialist policies enunciated in Audacity of Hope.  Fuzzy hope prevailed over logic and wisdom.

I am convinced that liberals are who they are because of a genuine lack of information, concern, or a desire to remain oblivious.  They live in an information vacuum that is filled by whatever media fluff fills their senses.  These are not stupid people as in “lacking intelligence.”  They are certainly intellectually capable.  They just have no desire to understand many of the issues around them.  To defend their ignorance, they dogmatically repeat trite, warm and fuzzy sentiments that feel good, but bear little relevance to the topic being discussed.


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