Sunday, October 04, 2009

Obama’s foreign policy: A possible positive result

Obama has done a lot of things that cause conservatives to believe he is screwing up our national security and relationships with our allies.

But there may be one bright spot. We are no longer perceived as being the lead defender of the west. We have relinquished what many perceive as the Bush junk yard dog mentality. No more “Matt Dillon” galloping to the rescue of the young maiden.

The other “townsfolk” now know they have to share the burden for law and order in their territory, their national defense. But the big question remains: Do they have either the will or the means to defend themselves? History over the past 95 years says they don’t.

Oh well. It was a thought, anyway.

On a related note, Yahoo News reports “…commentators on the left say the military ought to keep its advice private without trying to influence public debate, with New York Times columnist Frank Rich accusing the generals of an attempt to "try to lock him (Obama) in" on Afghanistan.”

But the military rightfully doesn’t want to take the fall for the failure of a political solution to the Afghan war. They are right to lay out what is needed from the military perspective. If the President fails to heed their advice, the failure is properly on his shoulders. No wonder Obama is dumbing down his definition of “victory.” He is preparing us not to expect very much.

Here is a gem of a quote from George Will:

"A presidential strategy is half-baked if its author decides it is dubious after its first collision with difficulty. "

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