Friday, October 02, 2009

Letterman: You can tell a man by the jokes he tells

It is one thing for a slimeball like Letterman to be blackmailed and be forced to reveal on national TV his multiple sexual forays with his staff. It is one thing for Letterman to frame his “confession” in a manner that makes light of his behavior.

But It is quite another for his depraved audience to laugh and enter into sustained applause during his public disclosure.

What a wonderful, faithful audience they are, lending their “moral” support to a man in his hour of need. Haa, haa haa! Isn’t he funny!

What a picture of our perverse, misguided American culture. I can’t decide whose behavior is worse, Letterman’s or his audience.

The perverseness of the audience reminds me of when a female neighbor some time ago wore a tight top with skeleton fingers grasping across her breasts, not to a party, but out in public. Ha, ha, ha, isn’t that clever! I didn’t laugh. But then, I am such a sanctimonious prude. Her “audience” was her mother who complemented her outfit. I wonder if she would have complemented her husband if he wore tight drawers with skeleton fingers grasping his crotch a la Michael Jackson, RIP.

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