Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bigoted Anti-Bigot Organizations

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) primary mission is to fight against racism, bigotry and related injustice.  Yet they appear to have lapses in judgment when they classify who is a danger and who is not.  World Net Daily has a point on article describing the careless classification of most conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians as “a threat” by the SPLC.

Below is an email I sent to this group expressing my views to them:

Regarding your reports expressing concern about "right wing extremists": Truth is, there is a disproportionately larger number of Americans who are not associated with any "hate or extremist group" who simply believe the policies of Obama and his Democratic Congress are very bad for America. It appears that your organization is disingenuously lumping these folks together with your "hate groups." Please distinguish those who exercise legitimate public debate, concern, and anger from those who would commit violent acts. Additionally, it is exceedingly odd that fascist Muslim terror groups and individuals, with a clear record of committing or intending to commit acts of terror in this country are not identified by your organization as "hate groups" or "hate incidents." Why is that? Greater care in what appears to be bigoted bias in your classifying people and groups is in order.

Oddly their web site  is sprinkled with photographs of the Oklahoma City bombing and the Branch Davidian fiasco as they discuss the dangers posed by conservatives – as if the Twin Towers and             9-11 never existed.

Do you suppose they care about these distinctions?

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