Friday, September 04, 2009

Discrediting “Green”

The continuing existence of Van Jones as Obama’s “Green Czar” is discrediting both the “green movement” and the office of the president.

Not that that green movement has much credibility among thinking Americans in the first place. Several examples:

- The highly debatable global warming policies: – should we sacrifice our coal industry, our greatest source of energy – to achieve the ridiculous objective of reversing global warming that we are not causing and which may not really exist? Spending billions in increased energy costs, all in the midst of “the great recession?”

- Reliance on technologies that do not exist or are premature to provide any significant source of energy or cost savings. The compact fluorescent bulb (life expectancy is highly inflated and disposal is a nightmare) and windmills (where’s the multi-billion dollar grid to connect them?) come to mind.

- This “green” thing is a half-baked populist fad, unhinged from any reliable cost/benefit analysis or economic feasibility - driven by a heard mentality headed for a cliff.

Van Jones is its perfect leader. An avowed communist, radical ties throughout most of his life up to and including the present. His defenders say he gave up his communism two years ago. Not very likely. He continues his associations with fellow radicals in the White House.

The green movement has enough problems with credibility without Van Jones. This man discredits the cause.

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