Saturday, September 12, 2009

9-11: What if Obama Was President?

Several thoughts about where we are eight years after September 2001.

Can you image if 9-11 occurred during an Obama presidency – knowing the radicals, the “truthers”, the Muslims he is surrounded with?  Among the American people there would be an exactly opposite proportion of people thinking it was an “inside job” as opposed to a bona fide terrorist attack than there is today.  He would lose ALL credibility with the majority of Americans.  With Obama’s leanings - his past associations and his current advisors - his allegiance to this nation and any actions to overcome (if there were any) would all be suspect, and rightfully so.  His current practice of siding more with the nations of Islam than with our historical allies would certainly add fuel to the distrust fire.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch this Glenn Back memorial broadcast from yesterday, 9-11-09.  And then scroll down to see the “change of heart” I’ve had about Islam since 2001.

In the months after the attack, there was a contest sponsored by the committee charged with designing the 9-11 memorial that is to occupy the Twin Towers site.  I entered that contest.  The heart of my proposal was to have a multi-culture cultural center featuring the worlds  major religions:  Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto.  I suggested that these centers would feature the things these religions share in common, focusing on peace and love and mutual respect – all in harmony fighting against violence and inhumanity.

In retrospect, I realize how naive and stupid that suggestion was.  Why?  At the time I thought one religion was unjustly “tainted” by the actions of a few misguided radicals.  I thought there could be a “healing” if only we could all understand the true nature of Islam, the religion of the pilots who killed over three thousand Americans.  But over the years following the attack I gradually learned there is one among those major world religions with a false face:  Islam.  I learned it portrays itself as a “religion of peace” but at its core it is a fascist political system that seeks world domination.  Their majority is comprised of ordinary folk who conduct ordinary lives, with sympathies toward and support (both overt and covert) for their radical arm seeking the spread of their religion – “evangelism” by whatever means has an effect, including intimidation, threats, violence, terror, murder, economic disruption, honor killings and every other means taught by their psychotic mastermind Muhammad.

Those who see my rants about Islam and consider them ignorant and extreme should know that I came from a place eight years ago when I, too, thought Islam was a religion of peace like all others.  But the facts I learned about that religion over the past eight years flipped my perception.  Those who still hold the same naive understanding I had really need to take the time to learn the basic historical teaching of that religion.  They will come to the conclusion, as I have, that the roots of Islam are in conquest and domination by violent means – that is the “reform” movement of the 1.3 billion Muslims today.

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